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Ipaja/Abesan Streetz Ballers Awards Countdown VIDEO

  Check out Kelvinstreetz on the Streetz of Ipaja/Abesan on a One on One countdown interview with some partners and supporters of the event going down on the 14th of Feb 2016 @ The Arabian Garden Event Center, American Junction, Opeki Bus-stop, Ipaja/Abesan Estate Lagos.........This is the Streetz lifestyle blog.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

#OPPORTUNITY: A Lion in the Jungle or A Dog in the city?


One of the major forces in life that dictates the direction of any man's hustle and achievement is the communal residency factor, the factor that determines how we survive and what opportunities are accessible for us to do so. The concept of survival is a varying one due to individual differences in reasoning, imagination, creativity and opportunity. For man to survive anywhere on the planet the role of tenacity and opportunity cannot be under rated. It is the two major driving forces of survival in human and likewise in animals. As elements of nature we do not have say or power over where we will or should exist before birth but we do have a role to play in determining where and how we exist thereafter because this choice is what determines the magnitude and direction of the hustle through which we choose to survive and keep existing. Survival in any given hustle is a complex endeavor which is directed and determined by the opportunities which are available to it, and opportunity itself is dependent on the communal and environmental factor. In life how we survive is a dependent factor on where we choose to survive, that is we can only survive depending on the opportunities that our immediate community or environment presents.
            As appealing as the ideology of living like a Lion in the jungle rather than like a dog in the city sounds, it should be noted that at certain points in life certain opportunities only make themselves available in certain places and only certain set of people who are closer and can recognize it are able to make the best of it, such is the case of a dog who choose to survive in the city. As far as opportunities are concerned every hustler needs them at some point because they are the link between the hustle and the desired result, the passage from just hustling to making the best out of the hustle, and whatever the case may be (either as a Lion or as a Dog) the opportunity clause is vital to both ends and in each case both the jungle and the city has its own defined opportunities and it is the Dog in the city which in most case is exposed to more opportunities, although certain opportunities are also reserved for the jungle Lions but even at that they still need the city factor to boost the horizon of their hustle, if your hustling brand must grow then you must break your bounds and go beyond your limits and shore. Let's state hypothetically that a farmer who farms and grows crops for consumption in a rural area depending on his foresight and demand radius still ensures that his merchandise still find its way to the city where there's more demand and more returns on cost and profit than the rural area where almost everyone is a farmer and demand is less.
A more empirical analysis to the subject matter of this write up is the Nigerian music industry especially the case of D-banj. At the peak of the D-banj/Don Jazzy rift many wondered what actually went wrong, because to many there was no reason why D-banj should break away from his erstwhile producer and partner Don Jazzy considering how long they've come in their career. Everyone is aware of how both of them started out their careers as city Dogs in England before coming back home to Nigeria to settle down as the Lions of the jungle and even overthrew some of the strongest Lions in the Nigerian music jungle then, but subsequently the jungle life wasn’t enough for a D-banj who had bigger dreams to sing on bigger platforms than the Nigerian or African music jungle presents, and been at his peak already here in Africa he sorted a bigger space, market and platform to sing and promote his brand, hence he stepped out into the city again as a Dog who was hardly known in the city but craved to be, he left his comfort zone because he was uncomfortable with his limits, he sort attention where attention is at its peak and he got it. Today the name D-banj is an household name in Africa and also a rising profile beyond Africa, he had his dreams and took the required calculated risk to achieve those dreams. Before now several Nigerian artistes are usually contented with the fame and little fortune they have here because of the limitation mentality that African made songs cannot be accepted anywhere beyond the shores of Africa, but since D-banj was able to break this jinx a lot more Nigerian and African artiste are taking the bull by the horn to do what was perceived impossible couple of years back. Suffice to say even as a Lion in the jungle you still need to step out once in  a while to feel the choking city air and hustle like a Dog out there, you need to foresee beyond your limits and be ready to break through the limiting factors around you. In most  cases opportunities don't just come knocking at your door, you sometimes need to go after it rather than wait for it to locate you because certain opportunities are only restricted to certain locations and in order to key into them you need to rightly position yourself in line of the opportunity you seek. Earlier on I stated that opportunities vary as much as hustle varies, a rural farmer cannot be on the lookout for the same opportunities a D-banj or Wizkid seeks, therefore the location we choose to establish a hustle should depend on the opportunities we seek and the opportunities we seek also depends on the hustle in question, sometimes the location we choose to hustle are not the most favorable for such hustle and I don't just mean the urban or rural settlement factor here, because even in some cases a hustler can be in the city and still live a jungle life, ask me how?. To every opportunity we get, where ever we are, there’s a bigger one out there to be taken, but whether we go after it or not now depends on our perception of the subject matter here and the principle of self actualization and contentment, while some feel contented and actualized where they are and with what they have, others believe the peak of others is their own starting point. While some locations choke the hustle with competition some others starve it of opportunities, but in order to be in the balance a hustler must be able to rightly choose his location and also recognize his opportunities when they appear.
            The whole ideology of a Lion in the jungle and a Dog in the city depends on the perception of the mind and not just about the settlement whether rural or urban, it’s all embedded in the ability to know where to be and what to do at the exact time when it needs to be done, it's a question of your comfort zone and your limitations, your hustle and the right opportunities. As a legitimate hustler you must be ready to be a Lion in the jungle and a Dog in the city with the right circumstance, every Lion in the jungle need to step out into the city when the need arises and every Dog in the city need to realize when it's time to retire to the jungle to shake it up with its newly acquired hunting skills, so as a legitimate hustler you've got to be able to make the transition into a Lion and into a Dog when the need arises because an old Lion in the jungle may one day be overthrown by a Dog from the city who has newly acquired hunting skills and an old Dog in the city might one day be overcome and beating by the pressure and competition of surviving in the city. Still using the D-banj case study, it should be noted that despite the fact that he went back to the city to hustle and grab the opportunities the city presented, he didn’t fail to return to the jungle where his prowess are more valued and where his personality command more attention and respect. This principle also applies with the concept of skill acquisition whether formal or informal, empirically you're a Dog in the city when you're in School or a Skill acquisition center acquiring necessary knowledge for your hustle and you become a Lion in the jungle when you become the boss of your own trade or vocation, but this is not to say that in future someone who has gone out to acquire more skills cannot come to outplace or outshine the current boss who fails to acquire more skills relevant to his trade, vocation or hustle. In another sense of the word a hustler needs to be a Dog in the city in other to conquer the jungle and become its Lion king.
Therefore the concept of the jungle Lion and the city Dog is a continuous back and forth event, it should be balanced till self actualization and fulfillment is obtained, thou nobody knows what the future holds but whatever it is, there's a right state of mind and a right attitude to face the future with and you can choose to either face it as a Lion in the jungle or as a Dog in the city, and because time and change are the most constant unstated elements of nature every hustler should therefore be able to make the right change at the right time in order to get the right opportunities.......Kelvinstreetz.

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Monday, 30 November 2015

EVENT; #Anticipate #Xclusive #IpajaStreetzBallersNiteOut.

Get ready to party with the baddest Street crew this yuletide as Kelvinstreetz and Team Streetz hitz the Streets of Ipaja and its environs with the biggest Street Ballers club hang-out where it hopes to bring together some of the baddest party freaks, sexy hot bikini divas, hustling G's and champagne poppers, music artistes and entertainers in the neighborhoods of Abesan, Shagari, Command, Ayobo, Baruwa, Church, all the way to Gowon estate, Iyana Ipaja and even Abule Egba, so if you're a Street baller and Ipaja is your tarmac then keep your hustle on a supersonic speedometer because you might just find yourself at the ''Ipaja Street Ballers Nite-out with Kelvinstreetz and Team Streetz'' and if you do then you sure don't wanna be found lagging behind because its a convention of the biggest and baddest ballers of Ipaja. All party details drop soon on and other online platforms, watch out also for the event postal and banners in your neighborhood, you can talk to the following Team Streetz members on call or whatsapp through this numbers for sponsorship, partnership and booking inquiries; Kelvin; 08146435187, Olah; 08060511775, Saraphina; 08160534869....Ipaja Ballers get ready to hang and ball-out with Kelvinstreetz, Team Streetz and Friends at this Xclusive Red Carpet event going down in the heart of your neighborhood.......Let's gooo to the Streetz.

                                                                                  This event is Xclusive to the Streetz lifestyle blog.

Friday, 28 November 2014


On Sunday the 30th of November 2014, the crock city of Kaduna will be hosting one of its biggest all star party as the Hitzone Records family officially unveils its artistes to the public. The event which is billed to take place at the Anemvic Hotel and Gardens, Jahruva Kaduna will kick off  its Red Carpet reception at exactly 5pm, and unlike any other event of its kind this event will showcase a host of rising and trending Hip-Hop, R&B, Afro and Rap artistes like never before in the crock city, also, Ray Power Kaduna OAPs and Team Streetz Veejays will be on hand to spice up the event which is a chemistry of Music, Dance and Comedy all in one place, one night and at one event, among those who will make the show a stand up once in a lifetime party to remember are: Adams P of Raypower Kaduna, Dandy Pams (Korect republic), Chief Obele (Port-Harcourt), Brainy Adams, Marvelous, Gleezy P, Freyma, Lil Dex and a host of others. After party kicks off immediately at Teezone Nite Club of Anemvic Hotel and Garden where the event is going down.
  Hitzone Records is a record label based in the Crock city of Kaduna, and its run by popular Producer and Talent Manager Mr Hit, the label as over the last couple of years signed, produced and manage various upcoming stars of different music genres that range from hip-hop, Afro, R&B, Rap and more, among this guys are the 'Jalabiya crooner' Malomo, Peddy-dricks, Enzee, King Bleezy, Brainy Adams and the list goes on. The Hitzone family is officially set to bring its Stars in the making to lime light with this crack down event on Sunday the 30th of November. Come party with the Stars when you can still get the chance to because next time you might have to book an appointment 3months ahead just to have an instagram selfie with any of this Made Men from up North, mind you, who says Northern folks don't know how to party? Well i guess its high time to prove the world wrong this time with Malomo, Kelvinstreetz, Team Streetz, Raypower and Hitzone Records all on the bill...................................Come along in your #Jalabiya and party with the Stars because Omaa Worry E Gaan.

This Event Is Proudly Supported By Team Streetz.

Friday, 14 March 2014

207 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Maiduguri Attack, Says Civilian JTF.

Nigerian security forces, and members of a local vigilante killed at least 207 Boko Haram militants who launched a daring attack on a military barracks and other neighbourhoods of Maiduguri, Borno State, the vigilante group, known as the civilian-JTF, said Friday.

Members of the civilian - JTF said they counted at least 207 corpses of suspected Boko Haram members killed during clashes with government troops early Friday.
One leader of the vigilante, Mallam Abdullahi, told PREMIUM TIMES his members counted more than 200 bodies of suspected insurgents in one area where the fighting took place, and said there would be more bodies in the bush.
“We have counted 207 dead members of Boko Haram in our area, Jiddari-Polo, alone. Many others are being killed in the bush because the fighter-jet is still shelling them, and some of our members have accompanied the soldiers in pursuing them,” Mr. Abdullahi said.
The group said the figure comprised of the attacking members of the Boko Haram and the other members freed from the military cells within Giwa barracks.
Residents had earlier described as encouraging the sight of youth in their thousands storming the neighbourhoods of the attacks with clubs, spears, bows and arrows, and machete, searching for Boko Haram members.
Another member of the civilian-JTF, Isa Maikati, said his group arrested many of the attackers and handed them to soldiers. Those who tried to fight back, were lynched, he said.
There were reports at least five soldiers, among them a woman, were killed in the attack, but the military did not confirm that claim.
The attack, the first of its kind in that part of Maiduguri city since the beginning of the Boko Haram insurgency in 2009, started at about 7:30 am and continued until about 12 noon.
Hundreds of insurgents, dressed in military fatigues, struck at the barracks, the university and other neighbourhoods of the city.
The military said its forces successfully repelled the onslaught which was targeted at freeing detained Boko Haram members. An airforce jet hovered around the city for hour, dropping bombs at targeted areas and killing many of the insurgents, witnesses said.
There were reports of civilian deaths, although the reports were not confirmed. One resident of Fori, Babaji Adamu, said the aerial bombing destroyed many houses and killed a girl who was hiding with the parents in a house.
Witnesses said one student of the University of Maiduguri was killed, while three others were seriously injured as stray rocket bullets landed in in the densely populated areas of the campus.
The Director of Information for the school, Ahmed Muhammed, said there was no attack or explosion on the campus.
“What people heard or saw were bullets from the area of the attack that fell into our campus,” he said in a telephone interview.
The attack came days after the defence headquarters said Nigeria’s newly-appointed chief of army staff, Major General Kenneth Minima, had relocated temporary from Abuja to Maiduguri to help oversee the government’s response to attacks by the deadly sect.
It was not clear whether Mr. Minimah was in the town when it came under attack. There were no report of his visiting any of the affected areas, or meeting with the media.
Calm returned to the city by evening, as members of the Civilian-JTF took to the streets singing victory songs and chanting anti- Boko Haram slogans..............................Source: SAHARA REPORTERS.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

#Recreation: Top spots for Valentine in Lagos and other places around Naija.

Top spots for Valentine in Lagos, other places

MEMORIES are for ever, so they say. Many would next week try to create magical moments with loved ones that would last for a long time, if not a life time. It is the St.Valentine’s Day and there no better places to create memories and intimate moments than to set out to very special places to savour the moment.
In Nigeria, there are alluring places where lovers can go to share magical moments and literarily touch the stars at top tourist sites.
Oniru, Elegushi beaches
The loss of the once popular Bar beach to ocean surge and the shut down of the near-by Kuramo beach has turned out to be the gain of private beaches like Oniru and Elegushi beaches in Lagos. The privately-owned beaches are little more organized than the public ones like Alfa and Eleko. Added to the fact that they are located within the town, they have become quite attractive to fun seekers. For those who appreciate the more lively atmosphere to celebrate the lovers’ day, these beaches would not be a bad idea. They have good parking spaces and security is quite commendable.
However, public beaches like the Eleko and Suntan in the Badagry area would also be bubbling with activities for lovers who want to bubble and enjoy life in full.
Special Valentine at Southern Sun
For its numerous customers, the valentine season would not be an ordinary one, as Southern Sun, Ikoyi, Lagos, has come up with a package to make the celebrations memorable. The valentine season package would be enjoyed by guests who stay at the hotel between the 13th and 17th of February 2014. Special room rates and complimentary breakfast for two is also on offer
According to the hotel’s General Manager, Mark Loxley, the hotel would have a special ‘Couples Dinner’ at N13,000 for two, as well as a ‘Sea Food Lovers Buffet’ for N7, 500 on Friday the 14th. In his words, “the seafood and couples dinner is the hotel’s way of encouraging couples to celebrate the valentine season with a mouth-watering spread of local and continental dishes.
“Our customers are our primary responsibility, the relationship and friendship we cultivate, especially during this season, as well as the added values we have, gives us an edge,” Mark Loxley concludes
Candle light dinner by the beach front
One of Lagos State’s foremost resort, the Lagos Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo in Lekki council area of the state, along the Lagos-Epe Expressway, will be holding a romantic beach-side dinner for couples. It is a total package that involves accommodation, dinner and other in-house entertainment to be provided by the resort. The Akodo Tourist Beach Resort, with its long stretch of beach front with coconut trees, is clean with lush sand that is perfect for a romantic evening.
Silverbird Galleria
The Silverbird Galleria, along the Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, would have its own share of the valentine’s day traffic. The attraction is that the place is almost an all-in-one complex for fun in days such as this. The eateries, the gift shops and cinema are all there for those who enjoy being in bustling and high-octane areas .
Nature, sea and sand at La Campagne Tropicana
The resort, Nigeria’s foremost and one of the oldest, go out of its way to make this season unforgettable. It combines rich African content in terms of culinary, arts and general aesthetics, with the finest modernity has to offer to make visitors have a good time. The resort has, in its tradition, put together a package for this lovers’ day.
It has two Valentine Day packages, tagged “Nature, Sea, Sand and Love”, starting from Friday to the next Sunday at the resort in Ikegun, Lagos, and the club, located on Adeniyi Jones Street, Ikeja.
The club will also host a ‘Thank God Its Valentine’ (TGIV) on Valentine’s Day. The club resort has packaged Nature, Sea, Sand and Love, which it says will provide lovers a platform to connect, cherish and celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is well-known that music paves the path to unwind and resonate with our loved ones. This has led us to believe that it is integral for us to facilitate an avenue that fosters this sentiment.
The events offer lovers the opportunity to celebrate their love at a romantic, outdoor concert under the stars, along with an eternal musical sojourn. According to the management, the vision for the packages was to convey a high impact message by way of delivering an exciting and interesting night, featuring artistes from diverse spectrum and to make this enterprise an annually celebrated carnival.
Other places…
The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ekiti
If this were to be written last year or year before, it may not have been wise to wise recommend the place to lovers. The environment is serene with tree and quiet ambience to savour. But the accommodation facilities were nothing to write home about. But all these have changed, as the current administration of Governor Fayemi has totally turned around the fortune of the site. The Ikogosi Warm Spring resort could pass for a destination now. For lovers who want to explore the forest and hills setting of the Ikogosi area, Ikogosi would always be an option.
Obudu Ranch Resort
Love goes with beauty, either physically or inside. And what better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to float on the Obudu cloud and get to love’s cloud seven. Obudu is the most beautiful place in Nigeria and could compete with any place in the world for allure and grandeur. Getting to Obudu is very easy. The Remlords Group, through destination Cross River, has an all-inclusive package to the place. For lovers wishing to go to Obudu, it is just a click away.
Other places include the Millennium Park in Abuja , Jabi dam and many other places.

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#FASHION: 2014 Fashion Trends.

THINGS you will never think you will wear but probably will. There have been some perfectly awesome fitted/skinny ankara trousers, shirts and shorts on the street and catwalks. There are arrays of new stuff which designers are tempting us with. Below are some of the fashion items we have seen at the men’s wear shows which could be the next thing you consider adding to your wardrobe; they are the new items and ideas which you might not really have considered before but which you might possibly be wearing this year
•Trousers: Skinny/fitted •Ankara prints trousers.
•Ankle length trousers
•Loafer shoes
•Skinny/tiny belt
•Kampala agbada stylishly combined with native buba and sokoto.
•Three-quarter shirt n short
•Charming bracelets
•Messenger bag
•Suspender belts
•The Niger-Delta trend of buba and sokoto will still be around.
•The 60′s and 70′s trend will also be much around. And in all, it’s going to be fitted all the way.
•For hair style, it will be a year of afro, punk and skin cut.

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#Matters Arising: Youths Block Highway Over Killing Of Farmers In Benue...Solomon Ayado

There was tumult yesterday at Apir community of Makurdi local government area when some angry youths barricaded the busy Benue-Enugu express road to protest killing of two farmers by suspected Fulani herdsmen.
LEADERSHIP Weekend gathered that gunmen in military uniform, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen had yesterday, shot and killed a man, Tarsha Namakaa, who was taking the cows of his uncle, Engr. Samuel Utoo for grazing at Apir village. Another youth was also killed while 57 cows were declared missing.
Apir community is located 20 kilometers away from Makurdi, the Benue State capital and the NNPC pipeline branch as well as emergency unit of the Federal Centre, Makurdi are all situated in it.
The protest which started at about 8am lasted for more than seven hours and the ugly situation caused traffic congestion, preventing easy access to motorists and commuters that plied the busy highway. The traffic jam surpasses the control of men of the Federal Road Safety Corps and the police.
The protesters burnt tyres on the main road to register their grievances, just as several cars were smashed by the irate youths while many persons were injured in the process.
Engr. Samuel Utoo, a PDP chieftain in the state: said “my brother, Namakaa, took the cows, 57 of them for grazing and the Fulani men shot and killed him, displacing the cows that are nowhere to be found. The attack is confusing and at the moment, I have lost all my cows.”
However, the youth leader of Apir community, Comrade Joseph Agera, told journalists that they blocked the road to attract government attention to end the incessant Fulani attacks on farmers. He alleged that “both the state and federal government was insensitive over the matter and that urgent measures were not taken to stop the mayhem.”
Police public relations officer, DSP Daniel Ezeala, who expressed grief over the incident, said the command has deployed policemen to the place to maintain traffic and calm the protesters. He said no arrest was made so far but investigation into the matter was on-going.
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