Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Streetz ' A way of life and way to life'.

To those who know less, the word street only comes as a normal phrase or expression for a road with ste of buildings around it which in actual sense is a notion confirmed by the Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary.
To think the street is a road and set of buildings is a right notion but the wrong one is in believing that is all there is to say or know about the street as there is lot more than just those when it comes to analyzing what the street is all about, for a lot of people thou the dictionary might have failed to state or the more than the obvious by failing to define what the street means in their own world and you know who those are? they are the folks who get their daily living and an inspiration and hope towards a better and brighter tomorrow from the streets, the street children, the street urchins, Area boys and even 'Girls', the Da-grin's, the Kelvinstreetz, the Dope peddlers, the street corner Barber, Taylor, Mechanic, Vulcanize r, Aboki meshai, Mama put, Paraga and shepe merchants, the boy or girl hanging on a tiny tread of hope of completing the 9-3-4 Nigerian education system and a lot more of the likes do not just know the street as a road or a set of buildings but to them the street is 'A WAY OF LIFE'.
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