Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Streetz, A way of life, A way to survive.

Literally the word street simply is a road with set of buildings on one or both sides of it but today the word street is a lot more complex than it actually sounds or means. In the world of the homeless, destitute, the less privilege and hustlers in the society, the word street means a lot more than the dictionary has a meaning for, at least not just the few words and lines used in describing or defining it.
In my own words, the street is a way of life and ineptly possesses more than the eyes can meet or see, in order to understand the word street and it’s actual meaning, you need to view it from the inside and look beyond the obvious,  the street is a way of life which is in it’s own way connected to it’s environment and almost everything in it, especially the people.
                                This days you can’t but notice the connection or relationship between the word street and some other words like Ghetto, or Hustle or even Home for some to mention just a few and basic, although exploiting the word a bit further, you find out the street is connected to entertainment and showbiz, for example, a lot of youths and young minds do creative stuffs out of the inspiration they get from the streets, a lot of this set of people are inspired by things they see and come across daily on the streets, from the way people behave to how they live out there or how they even handle situations both in crisis and in friendship because creativity comes mostly out of the things creative minds come acrossin life, either on the Streets or at home, in School or elsewhere.
Being a way of life, the street has it’s own unique way of inspiring and motivating creativity in the right minds, and it also has it’s own way of living up to it’s name and giving to those who toil daily to make a living on it, from it and through it.
The affiliation of the street with different forms of entertainment such as Music, Dance, Movies, Sports and a lot more survival mediums today can not be pushed over and that’s why it’s been  attracting a lot more attention from diverse areas lately, this as given the streets a lot more well deserved credibility and well deserved attention as you can hardly be a professional or even an amateur or artisan this days at whatever you do when it comes to entertainment or hustling without a connection whatsoever with the streets.
                                As it’s common knowledge, today street dance is a lot more bigger genre of dance that’s makes up most dancers career and is also one of the biggest and most entertaining genres of dance on the planet and so is Hip-Hop music and other genres inspired by the street. In today's world most big names in Sports and the likes were rookies or amateurs recruited from the streets and same goes for those keeping it locked down in the entertainment and showbiz industry.
With the current trend of creativity coming from the streets, it is not an overstatement (so to speak) to say that the street deserves a lot more and better than the current level of attention and credibility it’s given by the government and other bodies concerned about the life and survival of the the less privilege ones out on this streets, in other words for us to be able to stand on our own, the young and less privileged needs support and empowerment from not just the government but all those who are concerned and knows what it takes to be a survivor in the face of trials and an unfriendly environment to make it.
                     Thou the street inspires creativity and gives room for survival but it also has it’s ups and downs and challenges also which anyone as to overcome in order to survive and reap from the streets. The survival instinct to make a living and survive on the street is the number one qualification anyone who intends to do so needs, either male or female.
Out on the streets, there’s a whole lot to learn and to know in other to survive, the street is like a two way demand and supply mechanism in the sense that it inspires creativity and influences the acceptance of it’s creation. The difference between the street and the cooperate world is the fact that on the street you fight to live and survive out of your own instinct and inter-personal skill, rather than just be an employee you wanna be an employer, and rather than work for others to grow you want to work for yourself and be your own boss even if you have to be an employee before becoming an employer and a self made boss. For every born hustler, the street is a level playing ground for anyone to survive and make their own living with or without any formal background or education, on the street, background or upbringing is neither a bareer nor a criteria to survive, formal education or not, you can be who you want to be as long as you know what you want and can find your own ground, the only kind of education that matters here is self education from the life out on the Streets which is a lesson on its own and is thought by experience, age also is not a qualification and neither is size or stature, what matters the most out on the streets is having the right frame of mind and knowing that the street is a way of life on its own and with the right survival state of mind and instinct, anyone can survive and not just survive but be who they wanna be and where they wanna be, you can stand on your own and do better than your predecessors or whoever you look up to In life.
                                A  lot of people with no proper backgrounds or foundation to start out in life has lived up to life by holding on strong to their survival instinct, their experience from lifes lessons and they've been wise enough to recognize opportunities and also make the best use of it when they see it (either good or bad), on the street you choose who you want to be, and thou there are barers but they’re not meant to kill you or stop you but to make you stronger and much more prepared for whatever the future holds for you, the real hustling and survival instinct is not for the weak and quitting minds but for the strong minds who are ready to win and are ready to go all out and seek what they want by taking chances and opportunities because out on the street, taking and following the right steps and identifying the right opportunities when you come across them are the things required to be made and fulfilled, even thou you work for someone now as long as you never loose your dream and your drive to be the man or woman you aspire to be you will overcome your challenges and bareers and reach your goal……..On the streets you’re either on your feet surviving or on your back dieing, live up to it, the street is not for the Lazy man.
Tenacity, Strong will, Endurance, Identifying and making the best use of opportunities, Been smart and wise and many more are the basic criteria that qualify you to make a living, elevate your status and also get what you want for yourself in life, remember “QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT” and also, “IF IT DOESN’T KILL YOU, IT JUST MAKES YOU STRONGER”.…………..Writing by KELVIN but inspired by my life out here on the STREETZ……..KELVINSTREETZ.
N.B: All mistakes and errors in this write up are subjects to revision and so comments and criticisms are most welcome and all criticisms are accepted and are also subjects to my improvement, this write-up is not writing to compete with any other write-ups but an expression of my inner passion and the way I feel and view life on the streets, you can call, text or send me emails for more info and inquiry about Kelvinstreetz and my write ups through th following mediums: phone: 08140709171, facebook page:Team Streetz, twitter: @kelvinstreetz1, Email: kelvinstreetz147@gmail.com....This is the Street lifestyle blog so lets gooo to the Streetz......

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