Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dream and Hustle.

To the streets there is life and to life there's hope and to hope there's reassurance and to reassurance there's expectations and to expectations there's fulfillment and to fulfillment there's jubilation and to jubilation there's testimony and to testimony there's joy and with joy comes love and with love comes affection and when there's affection then it means someone's showing attention and when someone's showing attention then you're moving up and when you're moving up there's an assurance of better days because what you need to move is in you and what is in you is your goal to pursue because that goal is your passport to a brighter tomorrow and when you achieve that goal you're the rave of the moment because you just put yourself in the comfort zone of life and with that mentality comes the urge to do more because you don't want to be left behind on the fast
lane of life and for you not to be the first man from behind what you need is the orientation to be here and to survive. There's no fooling and playing around on the STREETZ and the earlier you realize this the better it is for you, no kidding, take your hustle like you mean it now and mean your hustle as much as you take it because life is all about struggle and surviving, how much time you put in your struggle is how much reward it gives back to you, you need to realize that life on the fast lane comes with a price and no matter how big your dreams are, no matter how rich, wealthy and great you see and imagine yourself to be, until you wake up from your slumber and take a step(even if it's the wrong one at first, you'll definitely realize your mistake and make it right when the time comes) you'll only end up been the greatest, richest and wealthiest man in you dreams. Milestones are not covered in a day but how early you start out determines how soon you get there and the dreams that keep coming to you are not just mere illusions but goals waiting to be achieved and the shortest route to achieving those that goal is to act and go through your struggle and for your dreams to materialize, you either play the over confident boss initially and fail at the end of the day or be the suffering, struggling and enduring actor initially and be the winner at the end, after all didn't they say he who laughs last laughs best? but how early you should start out laughing matters too (even if it's with a smile), start early and get to the peak earlier, no matter how small you think you are at the moment what matters at the end is not how small you started but how big you've become, because the world would want to know your story when you're finally at your destination or halfway through because success commands attention, big dreams start small and great achievers don't care about the beginning because the end matters more, slow and steady wins the race they say but taking the right step the right time comes first when you're pursuing those dreams and goals, take it or live it nobody wants to know what you're doing until you're able to prove to the world that what you do deserves some attention, to get peoples attention can be an Herculean task at first but once heads start turning in your direction even your mistakes start making sense to a lot of people because instead of just an everyday hustler what they now see is an everyday achiever who they look up to for the best and you know everyone loves to associate  with success stories no matter how rough it was in the beginning.......Dream your dreams and wake up in time to work towards it, it's in your hand to take your dreams to the world because the world won't take it for you because the next man as his own goals and dreams as well, don't just dream of Cheddar and flashy cars without thinking of how to hustle to get it, life is not a magician and the earlier you learn to wake up and face reality the better and closer it is for you to live your big dreams on the fast lane of life, a man with big dreams and no hustle is just like a car with no engine to move it, (Jankoliko) and like they say on the Streets "ko sere n Moscow, Ishe no n she n Japan, Owo lawon boys n pa n Malay" (there's no playing around in Moscow, hard work is the trend in Japan and money making is the order of the day in Malaysia).........The Street is life and life begins on the Street and for you to live up to it you need to be on your feet because on the Streetz, "no Standing gucking".....Be on your feet, Open your eyes and Use you head, it's never easy but you can still survive(if dem tell you sey easy, my broda abeg na set up), nothing comes easy in life but it's all about your struggle and because you're not heard or seen until your struggle starts taking shape because that's when your hustle starts bringing in results and rewards as well, make it work for you and pray for Gods blessings to crown it all.......God bless our Hustle.......Kelvinstreetz.
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