Saturday, 31 December 2011

You, 2012 nd The Streetz.


Another Year, another Hustle, another 366 days to make it better(or worse), another fresh page to renew, redeem and do it right, it's another 56 weeks of the unexpected and unforeseen, let 's get our saddle ready to sail the big water of success, failure, dreams nd aspirations, goals nd destinations ahead in the next 366 days before us, we toiled and laid good or wacky foundations in 2011 nd now it's time to reap, celebrate or be sober and have a rethink of where we got it wrong and make amends, a time to work ceaselessly nd tirelessly in that direction towards our dreams nd destination, a time to wake up from the slumber nd face reality, a time to Hustle rather than just to dream alone and a time to listen to the cocks first crow in the morning and be the first to get on the streetz to make your hustle bubble and a time to face your creator and work out a solid plan to make 2012 a working year for you.....In 2012 make the best of everyday by making the days count instead of counting the days, face all your problems rather than facebook it, make an impact in someone's life rather than waiting for people to make one in yours. It's a year of rewards for those who work enough and deserve it and a year for the strong and bold to sing songs of joy to the creator of all, a year where the Streetz is filled with more good than the bad nd ugly nd a year to reap all the good seeds sown into time nd struggles on the streetz of life, for me, it's a year of Dreamz coming alive and Goals achieved in multiples of them, Kelvinstreetz, i'm going 2 the top this year nd nothing's stopping me, i don't know if you're with me but if you're not yet, better jump on the next train because the earlier you do, the better it is for you, start out early this year nd you will get there earlier, please don't be reminded this time around that, "kosere n Moscow, Ishe lon she ni Japan, Owo de non pa ni Malay.(No playing around in moscow, hard work is the trend in Japan and Money making is the order of the day in Malaysia), the Streetz must smile on us this time around because God is finally ready to bless our Hustle.......Happy New Year 2 d STREETZ........Kelvinstreetz greets u all.                                                   
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