Monday, 2 January 2012

The STREETZ in 2012.

Last year saw me start this exclusive and unique blog project titled STREETZ, beyond a way of life and so far it's been a bundle of challenges and encouragement for me since i started, although the STREETZ in it's own unique way might not yet be getting much stream traffic like other blogs(better nd worse) but i thank God for giving me the vision for this project and also empowering me enough with the gift of writing to start the STREETZ and even make it worthy enough to keep it's head high amidst older nd more improved blogs.
To all my readers nd followers in 2011, i say a very big nd heartfelt thank you because you're the fuel that kept my lamp burning nd u gave me the motivation nd will power to do more because without you my readers, there's no me nd I'm proud to say to you all that whatever the STREETZ become in this new year 2012, you guys were the foundation nd I'm proud of you all, in this new year together we'll do it better this time around, e she o(thank you all).   Today the Streetz had about 200 views in 2011(did i ear u say we're getting there? of course we are), and comments from several of the visitors encouraging nd praising the blog nd it's posts nd uniqueness, thou there were belated posts nd they're non frequent as well but that's all gone with 2011 because in this year 2012 you'll be seeing more activities from the Streetz in all it represents, from frequent life inspiring post's to comic, tragic nd inspirational pictures nd videos from the Streetz of life to improve our lives, our Street Orientation nd our ability to make our Hustle work for us better this year.
Last year was a starting point but this year is a point of no return because the Streetz as come to stay nd we're set to move it to that level of envy this year nd in the years to come.
                                    The Streetz this year will be bringing you various write ups from several other writers nd so many tips as to how you can get more nd better out of your Hustle, videos, photos nd other media materials will be showcased on the Streetz to make your time here on the Streetz worthwhile.
The Streetz is not just a combination of write ups on life nd survival alone this time around, but also an in-community where entertainment, events nd occasions will also be showcased because it all adds to life on the  Streetz. This year people can also share their stories, views nd experience on the Streetz in other to encourage other readers nd followers, their will also be public lectures, Career orientation nd public banquets where my esteemed followers nd readers can have the opportunity to meet Hustlers who as made their Hustle worthwhile, people ranging from Captain of industries, Life coaches, Inspirational teachers, Investment analysts, Small and Medium Scale business teachers nd so on. The Streetz in 2012 will go "Beyond a way of life" nd be your everyday readers companion because the Streetz is all about making your life better nd doing so in every aspect regardless of your status, background, education or Orientation, there's something here for everyone.
This year i pray God answers all our unanswered prayers in 2011 nd get us closer to our Dreams nd Destiny in 2012 nd he'll also show us the Directions towards our Destinations to pursue, keep reading from the STREETZ nd keep learning how to make nd live a better life.....Work more this year, Dream more nd Achieve bigger nd better results nd @ d end, we all are going to Smile back to the Heavens for making our Hustle pay off nd making the Streetz smile @ us.......May God keep Blessing our Bonafide Hustle in 2012, can i hear a very big AMEN?
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