Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Queens Of The Night.

Although the dictionary and the streets has various names that differ in sound and modes of expression for them but they all come down to the same meaning.
When you ear words such as Olosho, Apa, Rosko, Gbovo, Ashana or maybe Bitch, Ho, Prostitute and so on and so forte, only one meaning comes to mind for all this and it’s Sex traders but I choose to call them “THE QUEENS OF THE NIGHT” because they are the human sparkle that adorns the street when it’s dark, they’re the petals adorning the beautiful rose known as the streets, shining forte even on the darkest nights in their bright colored and Sashay styled overalls and lips glowing like crimsons on a warm spring afternoon.
                                The queens of the night are like every other kind of woman, maybe not morally but emotionally, psychologically and in all other aspects, from reasoning to mind frame and way of life. They’re in so many ways like the regular Girl, Lady, Mother, Aunty, Sister, Daughter, Niece and any other kind of female personality around because by divine arrangement they are made to be the weaker vessels and no matter how strong, mean, brutal, unemotional, immoral and promiscuous as they portray themselves, they still have the weaker emotions, the weaker level of physical strength, the weaker body and cell structures and so on, all makes them the weaker set in the human social, physical and psychological circle.
Like every Mother, they want to protect their own children, like every Sister they want to be there for their siblings, like every Daughter they want to take care of their old folks and still try to be responsible in their own way.
Come to think of it, majority of this lot herein referred to as the queens of the night are products of abandon and negligence of the society we live in(or so they claim), maybe not directly but if asked majority of them claim to have found themselves doing this at first out of there own will power and have no choice than to channel there natural endowment and resources they possess to get what they need to survive since unlike the other stronger gender , there’s a limit to the things they can do to survive.........to be continued.

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