Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Queens Of The Night...prt 3

As bitter as this pill is to swallow and as heavy the blow is, the truth remains that without the patronage that the queens of the night get from there ready customers which are the male folk, the Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Husbands, Lovers or any other man for that matter, they should’ve been out of business by now, among every other ways to survive on the street today, sex trading is one of the oldest and historical ways people involve in just to make a living, so this is to say that this act of immorality is a form of decay eating up the society from long ago and did not just start in our present age and time, this profession(if you can call it one), as never been out of the available market for it even in the medieval and biblical ages, so this is to say that as much as this form of survival trade is been criticised, without the insatiable sexual urge of the men folk this ladies won’t have people to market their body merchandise to and there will hardly be any trading or market to trade in at all in the first place. So my point here is, if we’re going to be throwing blames around for this moral rot and decay in our society, even thou it’s significant with the female folk, I still think the male folk have a bigger share in the blame to take and to think that no male personality will be comfortable enough to know that there females in whatever regard is into sex trading, funny you say, but it’s the irony of life and if there’s anything to blame this rot on, it’s the society we live in itself and it’s social Strata , a lot have to survive through what they can offer rather than what they can do since it’s the only way to stand up and survive in a society that has placed them in an unfavourable and tight situation, thou the government has a portion in this chastising because of the failure in leadership but even in places where there’s working administration and leadership the people still go out of their way to do all sort of things to survive but it’s just not as much in places where administration is working and the leaders are working to reduce the pain and suffering of the of the less privileged lots in the society that as made it so.
In conclusion, the queens of the night are in all ramifications of life like every woman with an instinct to survive but they’re only doing it the only way they think they can, a lot of this set of girls are either misled at first or they’re misinformed by peers and the negligence of parents, the society and the other agents of socialisation we have at all levels and stages of life e.g. the government, the community, the school authorities and the home authorities which are the parents, guardians and whoever is concerned with the up bring of the child because a lot of this girls are influenced because they’re misinformed, misguided and lack the orientation it takes to survive and not just survive but do so in circumstances that live them to survive out there on their own, because once young ones have the liberty of surviving on their own, they’re vulnerable and very flexible to be influenced either positively or negatively depending on the training and information they’ve had before getting to that stage of their life, and whatever decisions they make are most likely to influence and affect there life in the
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