Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Queens Of The Night...conclusion.

The kind of things children learn and grow up with are the foundations for the kind of life they live when they are in there decision making stage in life and a lot of foundation and background upbringing comes into play here because whatever decision a man or woman makes in life there’re considerations and factors to think of before doing and one of those things people often consider the most are if there background fits into their decision and life in the long run, a society of neglect and ignorance lives most with little or no choice than to follow the bandwagon or in rare cases not to. The same society that rejects and criticizes moral decay and social imbalance creates and gives room for it and lives so many with no choice than to do whatever they can to survive, after all didn’t they say when the best is not available the available becomes the best?.But come to think of it , that a few still despite all odds and in the face of trials still do the right things to survive and rather than follow the societal rot still stick to uprightness and do the right things to make a living thou it may take extra time and effort and even sacrifice and endurance before it yields any result, they still do well and live responsibly in life, this only means you can still make it the right way despite all odds, the irony of life you say, frustration will make you want to do anythingto survive but that’s exactly what frustration’s meant to make you do, you just want to do anything possible, good or bad just to survive not considering the long term repercussion or end result, but have you thought of what you want to do or what the people who look up to you want or expect of you?
Can you really blame the people who just want to survive? On the street the only thought that are paramount and common are frustration and survival. Frustration in the sense that nothing comes easy, not anything, except for maybe hardship, complaints and things of the like, and Survival in the sense of trying to make a living and doing that whichever way you can.
A lot of people fail to come to terms with the fact that whatever situation life and the society puts you in, you can either choose to stay or walk away, you can either choose to follow the multitude to do evil or stay on your own and work it out your own way, there are several challenges before anyone can be who they are or want to be, you or someone else would’ve paid or failed to pay the price for whichever situation you are in today and paying prices for life and survival situations are on you or on those responsible for your survival, you are who you are because you choose to be that way and survival when there’s no solid foundation or background might be a Herculene  task but not impossible and I don’t mean surviving anyway possible but surviving the right and best way possible, I say it’s the best way possible because in the long run it pays off than just thinking of surviving by the day and doing anything to achieve that. Sex trading, internet fraud, armed robbery, drug peddling and so on are alternative ways to survive but they’re not the only ways available and even thou the available alternatives are not as easy as the ones mentioned, they still make you feel a lot more fulfilled and can even comfortably  pave way for a younger generation to follow your footsteps. This is not to say this negative ways of survival too are easier than the positive but what I’ve come to realize is that the resources, inspiration and influence to do this things are readily and much more easily available and accessible  to the victims the society as readily made available while it’s much more harder and tasking to survive the positive way than the negative, but yet it’s not impossible.
The society as put you where you are right now but the society as also provided what you need to make your situation either better or worse, you can either work things out your own way or the way of the world, whichever way you choose make sure you’re doing the right thing and in the long run it will pay off, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, he said, the result of something well done is to have done it and to feel the satisfaction of that which you do or have done, so if you’re not satisfied or comfortable with whatever you do, why not ask yourself again if you’re doing the right thing or following the right way.
Whatever name the society at large chooses to call whatever you do to survive, either good or bad, I want you to know that it’s not the name the world decides to call it that matters but the peace, comfort and satisfaction you feel when you think of what you do to survive, the satisfaction is not in the name but in the dignity and credibility of it.
A road side mechanic may choose to call himself an auto mechanic, a road side food seller may decide to name and call her joint a fast food or restaurant and a sex trader may decide to call herself a queen of the night (all na packaging,) but it all comes down to this questions, what are you and what do you do?’
The society and the situations of life as put you where you are but the world will neither blame nor praise the society or life for where you are and what you’ve become, only YOU will answer for it and take the blame also, more like you eating your cake and having it the same time, of course it’s impossible, even if the cakes either sweet or sour, you eat it and you pay the price.
The life and ways of the sex traders is just an illustration and an eye opener in this article, it’s only a minimal part of the moral decay in our society today.   The spotlight beams on THE STREETZ as the main source and home that breeds most of this decay,  if you ask me thou, I think people with such notions are not all the way wrong, in fact I think the truth is not farfetched because it’s on the street people do anything to survive and live and that’s the reason why the concerned authorities really need to start doing or do things to change the story, for example the government, N.G.Os, cooperate organizations, world bodies and most importantly Y-O-U, yes, you, the society always wants to influence you with whatever it brings your way but remember that rather than let the society influence and manipulate you, you can influence and manipulate the society, you can change and rewrite your own story, a lot of people can say about you he/she rose from nothing to glory and from grass to grace and you can influence and be a source of motivation and inspiration to those around you and from the same rot and mud of the society that you rose from. Whatever life brings your way always know that you can win and inspire others to do so if you really choose to.
The end they say justifies the means but does the means justify the end? Do some of the things you do to get what you want really make you feel fulfilled? Does it make you feel that relief and in-depth satisfaction you feel when and after you do something worth doing well? I’m sure it doesn’t, using your body as the means to an end doesn’t justify that end or robbing to get money does not make robbery or stealing a credible career for you neither does it make it worth doing in the first place, a means of destruction does not justify an end of production because there’s something known as nemesis and it works in a slow way but catches up after all, then comes conscience, unless dead, your conscience will never work well with a wayward life unless you fail to pay it any attention. Well it’s not like so many people pay their conscience any attention when they’re set on surviving anyway they can but the only way for an end to justify the means is if the means to an end is credible and can be boast and be proud of at the end of the day and that’s when you can search your conscience and feel an inner satisfaction and peace.
As much as people have different names and ways of referring to them, they also have names and ways of referring to themselves also, some sex traders either call themselves Runs babes or Aristos or whatever name they choose to call themselves but it doesn’t make the work more morally credible or better, it’s only a way to make it look credible and be able  to live with the shame of it, so why not do the same thing the next time you think of whatever you do as classless or something you can’t boast or be proud of, why not try to give it a name that goes well with people and makes you feel better like the road side mechanic or the food vendor or even the generator or computer mechanic(who are often referred to as engineers on the streets). Life does not give you all but you don’t have to remain that way or make things worse by giving in to your frustration, whatever you do always remember that you can always do better and it’s all a matter of choice to do what is right and what is not.
The world can be a lot more better place if everyone decides to help that other person that needs a little help, you may not know it but you might just be saving someone’s life and maybe even your children’s future, a lot of people today won’t be where they are if people who can help pay more attention to those who need their help.
The next time you see an Ashawo, Gbovo, Apa, Ashana, Olosho, Rosko, Ho, Prostitute, Bitch or whatever names you choose to call them even if it’s the queens of the night like I do, rather than think or feel hmm ‘DIRTY’ why not think hmm ‘SURVIVING’ first, everybody wants the good life on the fast lane but not everyone’s willing to wait the long queue or pay the right price to do so and not everyone can afford the little push they need to make it to that lane but with the help and attention of whoever shows concern a lot can change, even fellow street and slum dwellers can be of help to one another if they choose to, a little help here and a little there is enough to change person’s life and you don’t know what that person today may become tomorrow, today’s CLEANER may become tomorrow’s BOSS, you know? And today’s BOSS might just be tomorrow’s, ‘you know’ so instead of trying to patronize or criticize a sex trader next time you see one, why not do better by helping them get a better life and make the streets and the world at large a better place for all.
THE QUEENS OF THE NIGHT, can live a lot more better if the world and the society at large decides to pay them more positive attention (not the type of attention they normally get), they can live a refined and rehabilitated life if they get the right attention from the government and the general public, pay a one night visit to the streets of Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and so on at night and you’ll see the extent this moral decadency as eating deep into our society and it’s morality, it’s not a problem to tackle from the top alone rather it  should be tackled from the foundation to the top, once there’s a way to reduce the number of young women who get into the street market to make a living everyday over time and also design programs and alternatives for those in the trade already, then a lot of parents and guardians and loved ones can heave a sigh of relief and meting out the same  to all other survivors and hustlers out there and before criticizing them why not listen to their stories and see if you’ll have done otherwise if you found yourself in their shoes.
 The old, the young, the male, the female, the government, the cooperate organizations, the NGOs and the individuals have a lot to contribute in every regard, this is an SOS from the streets and it’s going out to all concerned, don’t ignore it, you may find yourself in the same train tomorrow, save and clean the street now because tomorrow, you just might have saved your children and generations future without knowing it.
THE QUEENS OF THE NIGHT are some of  the products of hardships and the fight for survival the everyday hustler faces on the streets, you can’t blame us for trying to survive but you can help us to live a better life, lots of talents are drowning out there and lots of brilliant brains and smart youths are dying out there, some out of ignorance, some out of lack of motivation and some out of negligence and lack of help, save a queen today and save the street today………writing by KELVIN and inspired by the STREETZ………..KELVINSTREETZ.
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