Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Branding like ItzBanging

The true impact of a brand will not be felt without the proper brand awareness, it occurs to people differently and due to this the real concept of branding might be interpreted in several forms depending on what is to be branded and the target audience of the brand. 

Creating a brand is all about getting your product certain level of awareness and attention through some defined avenues and product awareness strategies that best suit the product to be branded, and one of this strategies and also the most common and effective form of creating or giving a brand some awareness and attention the 21st century style is through clothing’s and leading the park in this category are shirts, face-caps, trousers and shoe designs. 
In an emerging and competitive venture such as cloth branding, any Tom, Dick and Harry can claim to be a pro. but what really stands a man out as a professional at his/her hustle goes beyond mere gain saying but also the level of dexterity and skillfulness showcased in meeting the exact needs and service requirements of his clientele, so this is why your cloth branding requires nothing short of a professional touch by the grand master of artistic cloth branding which the name ‘’ItzBanging’’ truly represents. From customizing, to digital or analog imaging and heat transfer, graffiti designing, Jean perforating and customizing to mention just a few, this cloth brand and graffiti painting master has the exact professional touch to make your brand blossom and popular, as he doesn’t just stop at branding you but also go a stone throw further by giving your branded product(s) the necessary publicity to boot both online and elsewhere with an online social media platform connecting over a 100,000 internet users, your brand can be seen and accessed from all over the Streetz of the globe at a go.
Whatever it is you are branding and for whatever purpose it is you are branding, you can be rest assured of perfection and professionalism that is uniquely tailored to meet your exact brand requirements and for its very purpose, be it product or service brands, groups or organizations,  events branding, personality branding e.g. Artiste clothing's, Sport wears or even personal clothing and many more. 
The creative head behind this exclusively unique venture is none other than the Streetz finest graffiti and contemporary artiste code named ‘’Bonavelli’’ originally named Babajide Faniomi a citizen of the fountain of knowledge (Ekiti state) and a Chemist by discipline from one of the greatest ivory towers in Nigeria ‘’AAUA’’ (Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba) Ondo State, he became Street wise on the Streetz of Akure where he spent his growing years and attended the popular Oyemekun Grammar School Akure, where he was a formidable force to recon with in the schools artistic hall of fame and today he’s one of the most creative paint brush and graffiti spray (digital and analogue) handlers outta the Streetz of Akure and with this outfit of his, he is set to take on the world at large with his creativity and dexterity in all that his brand stands for with the hope to give everyone who cares to have a feel of his creativity a true feel of it, that is from the Video director to the Streetz party organizer or exhibitor and anyone with wears to brand at all, you can be sure your best bet to get the best outta ur branding and graffiti works is through this man here because ‘’No one brands like ItzBanging’’…. gbabe.
For more info about ItzBanging and his services, it his impertive to reach out to him through the following avenues…on facebook ‘’Jide ItzBanging Godson ‘’, and on twitter follow @ItzBanging.....‘’ItzBanging’’ another brand from the Streetz.
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