Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Hustlers State of Mind....2 (Skill acquisition).

 Mighty men are said to be those who value the essence of knowledge in mental development, meaning only those who seek to grow mentally can grow in all ramifications of existence because the role of knowledge in surviving cannot be over-emphasized, therefore to be a complete survivor one must be willing to go all the way in prioritizing knowledge because as the saying goes "knowledge is power"

           Financial empowerment without skilled and practical empowerment to boot is something close to a sheer waste of resources if not one because it takes a skillfully empowered individual to effectively manage a financially endowed enterprise without any hiccups. In a society like ours where financial and theoretical empowerment is prioritized by the government and the bulk of the citizenry than skillful and practical empowerment to manage the finance and theoretical knowledge, it is imperative for us to take it as a role to complete our empowerment process through vocational learning or professional knowledge acquisition which is readily accessible if the necessary sacrifice in time and in finance can be made.  
                            To the Streetz fellow, knowledge might present itself in so many forms and the most consistent medium in which the concept of knowledge makes itself available is through skill acquisition which leads to empowerment both physically and mentally. In the last edition of this series (see wild streetz page) i emphasized the importance of empowerment in breaking even socially and living comfortably, but in other to be empowered to break even, a lot of sacrifice must have gone into acquiring the necessary skill to enhance this and further prepare you for opportunities that are related to the acquired skill.                                                 .
 A couple of days back while interrogating a junior cousin whose mother asked me to counsel on her career choice which contradicts the Mum's, thou with a lot of gap in age difference, i was still able to gather quit a few tips which inspired me enough to write this piece, and one of the things i learnt from this  young chap was never to commit all the time you can afford on theoretical acquisition of knowledge but rather give room for practical and skilled acquisition of knowledge, in trying to convince her on why she should go for a course in the medical line which was what the mother has always wanted for her, she made me realize that even thou she is going to oblige her mothers wish for her to be a medical practitioner, she will never pass up the opportunity to develop her own interpersonal skill(s) through vocational and practical empowerment/acquisition because to her it mattered more than what her mother demanded of her because she'll rather be skilled in her own interpersonal field than be a professional at another mans interpersonal field and give up the chance to make her mark in the area where God wants her to shine and be reckoned with. hmmmm, the words of this teenage girl struck a thousand cords in me and got me thinking serially on how far i personally have gone in empowering myself, and even after receiving training as an events decorator, fashion designer,  professional dancer, writer, speaker and with a first degree in Chemistry to booth, i felt i might have not done enough in empowering myself skillfully (just a feeling because i started thinking i have made a priority of some of the things that should not have mattered most initially, but you can bet i'm setting my pieces right already. My point here is that it is better to discover and develop yourself skillfully than run yourself down doing another mans hustle because when you know where you belong then you can know which direction you're headed and how to pilot your way to reach your destination. This and many more are why a typical Nigerian Ibo man will go any lent to skillfully acquire the knowledge required for him to succeed in his/her chosen vocation no matter how tedious and tasking, the Ibo people do not under-estimate the value and role of skill acquisition in attaining self actualisation and till today they are still the most enterprising and resourceful tribe in Nigeria if not in Africa.                             

                          Finally, it takes an empowered hand to practically interpret the thoughts of an empowered mind, rather than concentrate all your energy and hustle in one place, why not diversify your force of concentration and look at the prospect or possibility of making it count elsewhere on another hustle with a new energy, because when your direction is not leading you to your destination then you need to take a break, put yourself to creative thinking and take a new step in a new direction that will take you to that destination you've always wanted and you can be sure that there are so many other ways to reach it than you think you know. If only you can think hard enough, then you can discover yourself and know where you belong.
By doing a self evaluation and appraisal of what you think you can do best, something you enjoy doing because it takes your interest and concentration to love what you do and stick to it, it is better to find your own ground and gain it rather than fight to survive over another's ground, that is to saaaay, discover, develop and empower yourself in the area you will count, where people can demand for the real service you are meant to render and by so doing you are putting yourself in the line of opportunities that are related to your defined hustle.....empower yourself through skill acquisition today, become an entrepreneur and not even the sky will limit your foresight (if you're that determined) because you got what you need to breakthrough.

Note: Never forget the God factor in everything you do, it matters most because you need a bit of luck here and there to be able to rightly connect the dots and find your way to success.......keep doing what you have to do to get the best outta ur hustle till i bring to you more survival tactics from the Streetz of life again harararara...........
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