Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Da Unik Steppers - #Davido #Skelewu Dance

For some weeks now, Davido's new hit single "Skelewu" has been making hit waves in the media and on the Streetz, the reason for this is not far fetched if we are to consider what's at stake here, $3000 UD dollars is the take home pay for the best Skelewu dance video and everyone seem to be making the best out of this as youtube is having a field session of diverse video uploads by interested individuals already, another marketing strategy ain'it?. Among many of the contenders for the star price are the Unik steppers and i must say they really put a seal on the Skelewu move in their video, watch and lemme know what ya'll phink about it.....Let's gooooo to tha STREETZ.

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