Monday, 30 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE:D'banj vs Don-Jazzy: Who Is Winning Now?

Days have gradually turned into weeks and weeks into months since Nigerians and the world at large where hit by the shocking and suprising break up of two of Nigeria's most ingenious and finest music business moguls D'banj and Don-Jazzy. The duo were percieved to be so close and thought to have a blossoming relationship that no one ever thought there could ever be a crack in their relationship talk less of a massive and scandalous break up where both parties will  point accusing fingers and exchange verbal punches wih one another.
               The breakup of D'banj and Don Jazzy is still today the most unanticipated and dust raising split the Nigerian music industry has witnessed in recent times and the most amazing part of the story is how the duo parted ways at the peak of their career when they both were taking their brands to international frontiers. With D'banj been signed on to American rapper Kanye West's Good Music record label and other relevant attachments to booth the deal while his partner Don-Jazzy also got some international production deals and endorsements alike, this moment in all ramifications was supposed to be the best moment in the career of this bussiness partners who hit the Nigerian music industry stormily some years back after returning from a sojourn for greener pastures in the U.K with many ingenious music business ideas to booth creative production and energetic lyrical prowess that was next to non, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) this peak moment became the elastic limit and subsequent breaking point of the Mo-Hit bosses.
           Several months on, most Nigerian music lovers and enthusiasts are yet to come to terms with this massive break up that put both parties and even their label signees on opposing sides, while some still anticipate a possible come-back or re-union others have gone ahead to pitch their tents on either side of the warring factions but one question that as not ceased to nagg the conciousness of Nigerian music observers is the caption of this write up "Who Is Winning Now?"
This question here as continued to raise a lot of dust's on the Streetz, with lovers and followers of D'banj and Don-Jazzy constantly tearing at each others troats while attempting to establish and make points of who is having the upper hand in this battle of egos, an analysis and review of both parties huge points since the split was necesitated in a bid to answer and probably do justice  to this imposing question.

               D'banj or Eja-nla (as he is now fondly called) is having the best time of his music career and shows no sign of stopping any moment soon as he as continued to break new grounds while exploring and exploiting new frontiers like never before, his new found fame and grace is not unconnected to his record deal with Kanye West's Good music, a move which has established him as a pacesetter to other Nigerian/African pop artistes and has also put him on the American and global music market, this has also triggered the interest of some of the biggest music companies on the planet, ( e.g Sony Music corperation and Konvict music) to exploit the opportunities in African music and give African artistes a bigger and better platform to reach global audience with their music.
Aside this D'banj was the only Nigerian artiste to perform at the finals of the most recent African Cup Of Nations (AFCON), he also went ahead to feature a couple of American artistes such as label boss Kanye West, 2chainz, Snoop Lion and some others making him the first Afro-pop artiste to feature as much American rappers on one album. His recently released DKM album (His first with Good Music) was also reviwed by the New York times a couple of weeks back and it was rated alongside

some of the best albums of the moment. All this and more are some of the huge points that D'banj as scored since parting ways with Don-Jazzy and the Mot-Hit records crew. Although word on the Streetz as it that Bangalee who is known for his bold and never say die personalty would'nt have been able to achieve this feat alone without the help of his erstwhile patner, there is no disputing the fact that the man D'banj as gone totally global.
   Don-Jazzy on his own part seem to have kept a lower profile as it is his tradition but non the less has gone ahead to establish and single handedly manage his own record label known as MAVIN RECORDS which has all of he and D'banj's former Mo-Hit Record artistes on it except for K-Switch thou who has pitched his tent with his cousin's owned DB Records. While still strongly holding on to the bragging rights as Nigeria and Africa's finest music producer having worked with greats such as D'banj's label boss Kanye West, Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, his heartrob and Baby Mama Beyonce, Snoop Lion to name a few, Don-Jazzy remains Africas undisputed No 1 music producer per excellence and this fact was confirmed by the most recent rating of Africas 10 richest and most influential artistes by Forbes magazine which rated Don-Jazzy as the second richest and most influential artiste in Africa coming behind Senegalese/American R&B sensation and Konvict music boss Akon on the same list which D'banj ranked fouth right behind the P'square brothers.
This ranking which is based on artiste sales, social media presence and influence, appearance in news papers and interviews, endorsement value, Youtube views, show rates, investements, popularity et'al confirms Don-Jazzy's efforts to keep his brand alive has not been a waste and it proves that with or without a D'banj clause to his brand, he can still break grounds and make things happen.
    As the CEO of MAVIN RECORDS which is still one of the biggest on the continent and with several endorsements from huge corporations like Samsung electronics, Loyal milk and MTN not to mention his huge social media prensence, followership/influence and other medals to his career it can be said that Don-Jazzy is not doing bad for himself either and it can only get better than it is already.

As for the big question of WHO IS WINNING? we can only judge by the statistics on ground and it comes down to the question of What Who as Achieved Where and When which brings us down to the How? As for me, I'll keep a seald lip and leave you readers to answer the question and pass the judgment.

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