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Crime of passion: Jilted man machetes ex-lover

Opeyemi was hell bent on marrying Francis, her beau, even against the wishes of her parents. Suddenly, she made a U-turn. Why and what are the consequences?
But for the timely intervention of passersby, a female teacher would have lost her life in the hands of her ex-fiancé.
The female teacher, simply identified as Miss Opeyemi, is a Grade II Teaching Certificate holder and teaches Social Studies at a community school in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. Opeyemi is a native of Olomu village in the state, but reportedly resides at Papalanto, in Ewekoro Local Government Area of the state, while the ex-fiancé, identified as Francis, works in Cotonou, Benin Republic.
It was reported that both lovers were raised in the same community in Abeokuta before they eventually met and started a love affair about 10 years back. It was reported that Francis and Opeyemi had been lovers for over a decade now until their relationship turned sour towards the end of last year.
However, the man almost took the life of his long-term lover recently when she finally broke the news to him that she was no longer going ahead with their union scheduled to be solemnized early next year. It was reported that when their relationship started, Opeyemi’s family resented the idea of her getting married to Francis on the suspicion of what a source described impotency in the man.
But when Opeyemi insisted that she was ready to spend the rest of her life with Francis, it was reported that the lady’s family insisted that she conceive first before they give their blessing to the union. That did not happen for many years until last year when Francis chose to seek greener pastures in the neighbouring country.
That was early 2012. It was reported that anytime Opeyemi wanted to visit Francis in Cotonou, the man would object to the idea claiming that his abode in the foreign land was not conducive for a woman to stay. It was further reported that all the period that Francis lived in Sango- Ota before he left the country for Cotonou, he would not allow Opeyemi pass the night with him. But the lady’s family still reportedly expressed their worry over their daughter’s insistence on marrying the Ibadan-born Francis. It was reported that Opeyemi started growing increasingly uncomfortable with Francis’ attitude and she stopped picking his calls at a stage.
Before long, she started seeing another man and all calls from Francis were ignored. It was reported that all efforts by Francis to have his woman back grew increasing weaker as she was always with her new lover every weekend, unknown to Francis. However, sometime in August 2013, Francis made an unannounced appearance at Opeyemi’s work place and confronted her with her strange attitude.
She was said to have told Francis that she was fed up with the relationship and informed him that she was already seeing another man. Apparently, Francis took the lady’s warning with a pinch of salt and went back to his base.
But on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Francis was, once again at Opeyemi’s school but was told that her new fiancé had taken her out for lunch. Francis reportedly traced his estranged fiancée to a restaurant along Iro Road, at Papalanto and met her inside the man’s car right in front of the restaurant.
Francis did not initially react to the scene but watched as the man dropped her off at the bus stop apparently to resume at his own office said to be at Ewekoro area of the state. Eyewitnesses said that while Opeyemi was waiting to catch a commercial motorcycle to the bus stop enroute her office, she was shocked to see Francis emerging from another canteen opposite the one she had just left. Ismail Ali is a cement moulder who witnessed the gory scene that occurred afterwards.
According to Ali, “The man had been staying in the canteen for several minutes waiting for the woman to come out. As she stepped out, he also got up from his seat and ran out of the canteen yelling the woman’s name. When she stopped, he approached her and slapped her about three times and raining abuses on her.
The lady also grabbed her shirt and tore it into shreds. That was the point that some people started moving towards them to know what was actually amiss.” It was reported that when passersby approached the fighting lovers, Opeyemi informed them that Francis was trying to swindle her thus denying any amorous relationship ever existed between them. A steward in one of the restaurants around, but who declined to give his name, told Saturday Mirror on telephone that Francis became enraged when he was almost being threatened to be beaten up by sympathisers who heard that he wanted to swindle the lady.
“When the man started beating her, she shouted for help and those who got there early claimed she informed them that she had known the man before but that he only wanted to swindle her.
That was what made some of the men to rough handle him, but when he broke loose from them, he ran into an auto mechanic workshop close by and came out with a cutlass, when he used freely on the lady.” While some sympathisers tried to rescue Opeyemi from the man who planned to make mince meat of her, some men reportedly confronted him in a fight.
In the end, another man also reportedly received a machete cut from him while he was also given the beating of his life. Both ex-lovers were later whisked away to an unknown hospital for treatment. Efforts to get both of them to speak on the matter were futile as their phones were reportedly misplaced during the brawl.
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