Thursday, 14 November 2013

Diary of a Yahoo Boy....2 (Living the Life).

A new day is a new opportunity to do a new thing and make a new attempt better than i have ever done in a new way, that's why everyday I'm giving my best shot at my attempt to succeed and keep my success growing becaue yesterday is gone with its fair share of my hustle and bustle and just like every other day whatever i did or failed to do then is now history.
    Anyway, whichever way i choose to survive no mata, wetin mata be sey i dey survive, after all one way no enter market and no be everybody go fit follow the main entrance enter this market of life, some dey even jump fence enter because the end go everly justify the means and knowing Madam Queen is the means to that end I've always envisaged, but one thing that's still unclear to me is what's in it for this Madam Virginia that my boss (Don Slim) introduced me to and i wonder how many other desperate working (Yahoo) boys like myself has slept with this epitome of beauty in exchange for financial and material wealth that knows no bound, well as i said, e no concern me because dat one no mata as long as I'm getting my own fare share because i never thought that making money could be this easy, after a round of hot sex with this woman which left me perplexed for a few days i swear the last couple of weeks has been the best in my life. After the initial 10,000usd that my maga Cindy sent to me, she has dutied herself to send me an extra upkeep fee of 2,500usd every other week that followed, infact last week na two times she send am sake of sey i tell am sey my hotel money for here don due, this maye now dances to every tune i play, no format wey i give am wey she no dey drop, even before i bill am sef she don pay my money without asking any question sey why i need money abi wetin i wan take the money do, she nor even dey ask when i wan come back USA wey i tell am sey na my country, omo this Madam Virginia na hm sure pass o, each time i bath with that black soap she gave to  me before going to bed she normally appears to me in the dream naked and after giving her a round of hot sex, i wake up with my cum all over the place surrounded with this unusual aura as if she was really in my bed and whenever this happens the following day i must confirm better money from my clients, walahi if i have my way i go marry this Madam.
Just 4 months in and my status has changed from broke boy to big boy, from no money to too much money and from nobody to somebody, even in my circle of new found friends, now they call me Mr Money. Just after i collected my own 50% of the 40,000 dollar transaction that was wired through my clients Chase Bank account into an Aboki forex account by Sheego-money last week, i hit the club with my boss and the rest of our crew  in my newly acquired Honda 'Evil Spirit' which i cruised behind Don Slims Range Rover Sport 2011 to celebrate the sucessful transaction, on getting to the clubs VIP section we met some Ojodu boys whom i learnt one of them just returned from Malaysia popping MOET's and forming boss for this olosho girls that were buzzing around their table like bees on a honey comb, i decided it was my turn to show the stuff i was made of and flaunt the power of my money so i called the club sales girl that ushered us in and asked her to verify the exact number of bottles those boys had already popped, she told me they were on the 9th bottle and that a bottle cost 20k in the VIP section of the club, i immediately ordered 15 bottles of MOET and 5 bottles of Rozay to be brought to our table, as soon as my consignment of Moets and Rozays arrived in buckets of ice with fire lights hoozing on top of it, the atmosphere changed and as if by some flick of magic almost all the girls that were frolicking around the
other guys table swammed to our own side with each one trying deperately to out dance the other just to get some attention from us, in a couple of minutes after we started the popping spree, i began to hear my name loud and clear been echoed by the clubs hype man, he was singing my praise as the popperholic of the moment, he kept on shouting in his hypeman swagged up tone '15 moets and 5 rozays going down in the VIP section right now, Mr Money I SEEEEEE YOUUUU, as garri Ijebu (cassava flakes) dey swell if dem put cold water na so my head begin dey swell wey all the adrenalin wey dey sef begin dey dance kukere plus azonto, i felt like i was on another planet in another world entirely because this was unlike the world i was used to, it's a total contrast of what life used to be like for me, NO, nobody as ever made me feel this important in my whole span of existence and i was saying to myself 'This is the Life', my entire crew too were screaming my name and popping out the drinks on me, i could not contain my excitement and in a few minutes another round of Moets and Rozays was heading our way on my order and this time around the Malasian boy and his crew could not take it any longer, they left the club soon after then because i was outshining them and they could'nt stand it.
    As if reading my thoughts Don Slim drew me close, while trying to be heard above the loud club music  he shouted to my ear "Guy this is what life should be like, this is the Life you deserve, you've tasted life on both lanes and now you know the difference, Money as made you a man". Don Slims talk sent me into a frenzy of excitement and i took two bottles of Rozay and emptied it on him screaming Yes Boss, Yes Boss, That's my Boss, That's my Boss, Ogaashe wey sabi the beta way, i even went ahead to order two bottles of Ace of Spade for him, Suprisingly the club manager came with the bottles of Ace himself because he wanted to meet me in person and after he did he gave me his business card and added me up on BBM before i left the club that morning, even the lady that attended to us secretly passed me her phone number and i also had to buy three bottles of Red label for the bouncers at the entrance who displayed a high sense of loyalty to me, hence i became one of their favorite patrons at the club.
    My experience in the club that night totally changed my perspective about life and what it should be like, from that moment on i realized a man as to either get rich or die trying because makes a man and not having it is mans biggest disease, as for me life is all about making money and getting rich to live comfortably so whatever i do to have it is just my own way into lifes market place and i mean it, infact whatever doubts i had initially about walking this part are now totally eradicated because one day in affluence and wealth can erase the memories of a hundred years of abject poverty, my mind is so made up right now and their's no going back..........To be continued.
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