Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#EXCLUSIVE: Don Jazzy vs Wande Coal & The Questions Surrounding The Baby Face Palava.

A couple of weeks back I featured an exclusive report on the Don Jazzy/D banj split and how both parties are fearing in their individual careers respectively, this report recieved massive traffic from readers and still ranks among the top ten most viewed posts on this blog, in a nutshell the major factor that triggered readers interest was the headline and the parties involved, Don Jazzy and D banj who are highly rated as 2 of Nigeria and Africa's biggest headliners when it comes to showbiz and how I exclusively analysed their gains and losses since the split that rocked the Nigerian music industry for the better part of a year, but from all indications thou, it seems the Don Jazzy camp is yet to see the last of its losses just yet, just when fans and pundits are begining to heave sighs of relief that the Don Jazzy led Mavin crew is finally recovering from the loss of its major headliner and number one face of its brand and record label barely 2 years ago, the former CEO of mo-hit records started counting his losses again too soon as he loosed another heavyweight artiste from his label.
       Wande Coal who was until recently the top Son of Don Jazzy's Mavin records and a key player in his squad during the good old days of Mo-hit records officially confirmed rumors making rounds a couple of months back on MTV Base Naija top 10 countdown with Ehis that he has finally pulled out of Don Jazzy's Mavin squad and has now formally floated his own record label known as Black Diamond Entertainment, this announcement came few weeks after the video of Wande Coal's last duet with his former boss (The Kick) went viral. Though as at the time he made the announcement nothing controversial was stated as the reason for the unexpected split that had since left a huge vacume in Don Jazzy's camp except that it was time he moved on since his (Wande) contract with the Mohit/Mavin record had elapsed, so it seemed like an understandably mature and quiet parting of ways unlike the highly controversial Don Jazzy/D banj split.
           Although this aura of percieved mature split did not last as much as it seemed, going by the recent release of Wande's or maybe Don Jazzy's "BABY FACE" song and the war of words that followed suit on twitter. Last week Wande Coal twitted the link to a new song he claimed was his and just when people were begining to download and accredit Wande's effort for dropping such a hit, Don Jazzy came on to cry foul against Wande for what he termed #INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT, saying the song which Wande Coal released was a song which he (Don Jazzy) had recorded about a year ago and he went further to tweet the link to the demo of his own version of the song, sure you know the rest of the story already. While lots of fans, pundits, media bloggers and enthusiasts took to the internet to either take sides, cast aspersions and criticism or to just report the unexpected twist of events, a lot more people are asking questions that can only be answered and justified by a Wande Coal or Don Jazzy or even a close ally of both parties. Though it looks like the PR team of both are doing a good enough job of keeping the crisis under check and proportion but the unanswered questions that have been generated during the few minutes of craze and frenzy that rocked twitter due to Wande Coal and Don Jazzy's controversial Baby Face unofficial release still needs to be cleared.

While many are so pissed at Don Jazzy for bringing to twitter an issue they think he could have handled more maturedly and discreetly without raising unnecessary dust, others feel differently as they think he did the right thing by exposing Wande's unwarranted exploitation of someone else's creativity without the proper consent of the original owner. One thing that further makes it difficult for Wande to deny Don Jazzy's claim is the word for word copyrighting of the song and even if Don Jazzy had not reacted the way he did, any fervent observer and follower of Don Jazzy would easily notice the Don Jazzy style and flavour that spiced the rythm of both versions of the song, except for the beat, Wande's occassional traditional pitching and tone, every other factor that dictates the tune and rythm of the song loudly emmits the typical Don Jazzy style, if so, why on earth will Wande Coal go ahead to drop such a highly controversial material without paying homage to the original owner of the content knowing fully well the likely implications of his action? Was Don Jazzy's percieved immature twitter outburst an attempt to get back at Wande Coal for living his record label when he least expected? Was this a deliberate effort by Wande to slight the ego of Don Jazzy or is the Black Diamond becoming creatively lazy due to his excessive use of Marijuana that he cannot even sit down to compose a hit song on his own which is very unlike the Wande Coal we used to know and does this justify his inability to release a sophomore album since the release of his debut several years back or is it just an attempt to get back at his former boss for not compensating his loyalty after the split with D banj with a timely album? Who's version of the story do we believe now?
                         Taking an abstract look from another perspective thou, could this seemingly deliberate attempt at creating a lasting enemity be influenced by external factors such as the recent endorsement deal reached by Wande Cole and Glo network who are a distant world apart from Don Jazzy's MTN brand partner? Or did Wande do this to grab the attention and probably a duet with a former label mate who is also rumored to be on Glo's list of proposed brand ambassadors? a move which will almost be impossible without a percieved duel with the man caught in between here? just a random thought thou, but with all this controversies surrounding Don Jazzy and Wande Coal's relationship at the moment how credible and justifiable then was Wande's defence of Don Jazzy during the crisis period with D banj and what will Dbanj think of both parties now? Last before the least does Don Jazzy and Wande Coal realise how disappointed and pissed a lot of their fans are or how happy their critics and pundits are with this latest trend, finally what is Don Jazzy's next move or should we rather be asking: Don Jazzy vs Who's next?

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