Friday, 7 February 2014

#MUSIC: Don Jazzy, Jesse Jagz vie for sexy Tesh Carter

Tesh Carter is not yet a big name in the music industry. However, it’s the name of a female rapper that is expected to become very successful.

She made her appearance on the music scene with Hands In The Air on which she featured Kedike singer, Chidinma. She returned afterwards with Baddo, a freestyle, and she’s now back again with The Bounce. Shortly before she dropped The Bounce, it was disclosed that she was dating respected producer, Jesse Jagz.
But since The Bounce dropped, and iAt was produced by Don Jazzy, it is being said that she is dating him. Beautiful and sexy, Carter is the sort of lady that men will want to fight for.
But if she is indeed dating these two hot producers, which of them will eventually win her hand? Is it Jazzy, who is very big in music, or Jagz, who is not as big as Jazzy but nevertheless is known?
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