Friday, 7 February 2014

#MUSIC: Upcoming artist blasts, advices Notjustok.

            An upcoming artist, Cjay, has blasted the music blog that prides itself as Nigeria’s number one online music source, Speaking with E-News, Cjay said notjustok which is supposed to help Nigerian musicians, especially the upcoming ones, grow by featuring their songs on  notjustok, is rather charging them a preposterous fee now.

The problem is not that they are charging but what they are charging. I sent my song to them and they sent me a mail charging $200 a day for me to have my song on notjustok. For a website that claims it’s the number one promoter of Nigerian music, that is just preposterous.“I just want to advise them to revise their charges to be more affordable so they can carry upcoming artists along as we are more than the established.
             And I also want to let them know that without we upcoming artists, they will be nowhere, so they should not freeze us out, as there are many other music sites now that will benefit from what they might lose.”
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