Tuesday, 2 February 2016

#OPPORTUNITY: A Lion in the Jungle or A Dog in the city?


One of the major forces in life that dictates the direction of any man's hustle and achievement is the communal residency factor, the factor that determines how we survive and what opportunities are accessible for us to do so. The concept of survival is a varying one due to individual differences in reasoning, imagination, creativity and opportunity. For man to survive anywhere on the planet the role of tenacity and opportunity cannot be under rated. It is the two major driving forces of survival in human and likewise in animals. As elements of nature we do not have say or power over where we will or should exist before birth but we do have a role to play in determining where and how we exist thereafter because this choice is what determines the magnitude and direction of the hustle through which we choose to survive and keep existing. Survival in any given hustle is a complex endeavor which is directed and determined by the opportunities which are available to it, and opportunity itself is dependent on the communal and environmental factor. In life how we survive is a dependent factor on where we choose to survive, that is we can only survive depending on the opportunities that our immediate community or environment presents.
            As appealing as the ideology of living like a Lion in the jungle rather than like a dog in the city sounds, it should be noted that at certain points in life certain opportunities only make themselves available in certain places and only certain set of people who are closer and can recognize it are able to make the best of it, such is the case of a dog who choose to survive in the city. As far as opportunities are concerned every hustler needs them at some point because they are the link between the hustle and the desired result, the passage from just hustling to making the best out of the hustle, and whatever the case may be (either as a Lion or as a Dog) the opportunity clause is vital to both ends and in each case both the jungle and the city has its own defined opportunities and it is the Dog in the city which in most case is exposed to more opportunities, although certain opportunities are also reserved for the jungle Lions but even at that they still need the city factor to boost the horizon of their hustle, if your hustling brand must grow then you must break your bounds and go beyond your limits and shore. Let's state hypothetically that a farmer who farms and grows crops for consumption in a rural area depending on his foresight and demand radius still ensures that his merchandise still find its way to the city where there's more demand and more returns on cost and profit than the rural area where almost everyone is a farmer and demand is less.
A more empirical analysis to the subject matter of this write up is the Nigerian music industry especially the case of D-banj. At the peak of the D-banj/Don Jazzy rift many wondered what actually went wrong, because to many there was no reason why D-banj should break away from his erstwhile producer and partner Don Jazzy considering how long they've come in their career. Everyone is aware of how both of them started out their careers as city Dogs in England before coming back home to Nigeria to settle down as the Lions of the jungle and even overthrew some of the strongest Lions in the Nigerian music jungle then, but subsequently the jungle life wasn’t enough for a D-banj who had bigger dreams to sing on bigger platforms than the Nigerian or African music jungle presents, and been at his peak already here in Africa he sorted a bigger space, market and platform to sing and promote his brand, hence he stepped out into the city again as a Dog who was hardly known in the city but craved to be, he left his comfort zone because he was uncomfortable with his limits, he sort attention where attention is at its peak and he got it. Today the name D-banj is an household name in Africa and also a rising profile beyond Africa, he had his dreams and took the required calculated risk to achieve those dreams. Before now several Nigerian artistes are usually contented with the fame and little fortune they have here because of the limitation mentality that African made songs cannot be accepted anywhere beyond the shores of Africa, but since D-banj was able to break this jinx a lot more Nigerian and African artiste are taking the bull by the horn to do what was perceived impossible couple of years back. Suffice to say even as a Lion in the jungle you still need to step out once in  a while to feel the choking city air and hustle like a Dog out there, you need to foresee beyond your limits and be ready to break through the limiting factors around you. In most  cases opportunities don't just come knocking at your door, you sometimes need to go after it rather than wait for it to locate you because certain opportunities are only restricted to certain locations and in order to key into them you need to rightly position yourself in line of the opportunity you seek. Earlier on I stated that opportunities vary as much as hustle varies, a rural farmer cannot be on the lookout for the same opportunities a D-banj or Wizkid seeks, therefore the location we choose to establish a hustle should depend on the opportunities we seek and the opportunities we seek also depends on the hustle in question, sometimes the location we choose to hustle are not the most favorable for such hustle and I don't just mean the urban or rural settlement factor here, because even in some cases a hustler can be in the city and still live a jungle life, ask me how?. To every opportunity we get, where ever we are, there’s a bigger one out there to be taken, but whether we go after it or not now depends on our perception of the subject matter here and the principle of self actualization and contentment, while some feel contented and actualized where they are and with what they have, others believe the peak of others is their own starting point. While some locations choke the hustle with competition some others starve it of opportunities, but in order to be in the balance a hustler must be able to rightly choose his location and also recognize his opportunities when they appear.
            The whole ideology of a Lion in the jungle and a Dog in the city depends on the perception of the mind and not just about the settlement whether rural or urban, it’s all embedded in the ability to know where to be and what to do at the exact time when it needs to be done, it's a question of your comfort zone and your limitations, your hustle and the right opportunities. As a legitimate hustler you must be ready to be a Lion in the jungle and a Dog in the city with the right circumstance, every Lion in the jungle need to step out into the city when the need arises and every Dog in the city need to realize when it's time to retire to the jungle to shake it up with its newly acquired hunting skills, so as a legitimate hustler you've got to be able to make the transition into a Lion and into a Dog when the need arises because an old Lion in the jungle may one day be overthrown by a Dog from the city who has newly acquired hunting skills and an old Dog in the city might one day be overcome and beating by the pressure and competition of surviving in the city. Still using the D-banj case study, it should be noted that despite the fact that he went back to the city to hustle and grab the opportunities the city presented, he didn’t fail to return to the jungle where his prowess are more valued and where his personality command more attention and respect. This principle also applies with the concept of skill acquisition whether formal or informal, empirically you're a Dog in the city when you're in School or a Skill acquisition center acquiring necessary knowledge for your hustle and you become a Lion in the jungle when you become the boss of your own trade or vocation, but this is not to say that in future someone who has gone out to acquire more skills cannot come to outplace or outshine the current boss who fails to acquire more skills relevant to his trade, vocation or hustle. In another sense of the word a hustler needs to be a Dog in the city in other to conquer the jungle and become its Lion king.
Therefore the concept of the jungle Lion and the city Dog is a continuous back and forth event, it should be balanced till self actualization and fulfillment is obtained, thou nobody knows what the future holds but whatever it is, there's a right state of mind and a right attitude to face the future with and you can choose to either face it as a Lion in the jungle or as a Dog in the city, and because time and change are the most constant unstated elements of nature every hustler should therefore be able to make the right change at the right time in order to get the right opportunities.......Kelvinstreetz.

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