Team Streetz.

INTRODUCTION: According to the Oxford Advanced learners dictionary, the word street simply means ‘’a road that runs through a set of buildings on one or both sides of it’’.
                At Team Streetz, we are of the opinion and ideology that the word street goes beyond the rhetorical description of the dictionary and that the street(z) to many is a way of life by which they struggle  to survive and get on to make the best out of time, resources, environment, background and most importantly life.We believe it is a level playing ground for all and sundry to be the best they can regardless of who they are, where they are from and more importantly what their dreams and aspirations are.
                In our own opinion, everyone who believes surviving is all about goal setting, achieving them through the best of their struggles and hard work and to also enjoy the best that life can offer you lives the street(z) life and therefore should be interested in our and aspirations which is in their best interest because this is what we represent.

About us : Team Streetz is a team of intellectual and elite young adults that cut across various professional (skilled) and unprofessional (unskilled) fields (Hustles), committed to the development of the business, vocational, interpersonal and intellectual skills of the young Nigerian adults that are out on the various street(z) of life and who are yearning to be/live the best life can offer just like we do.
Team Streetz is a voice of hope for the many hopeless street(z) children with little or no chance of survival and we are the eye that sees the plight, the ear that listens to the cry and the mouth that speaks to the street(z) who want for themselves a better and brighter tomorrow.
From the classroom to the street(z), the home to the different work(Hustling) units or offices, we take our campaign of a better tomorrow through a purposeful today to the potential leaders of tomorrows Nigeria by contributing a reasonable quota to their interpersonal development by organising seminars, workshops and fiestas to enlighten, empower and entertain(to mention only a few) through the platform of our many street(z) outreach’s which are:
*Catch them young (C-Ty) outreach
*Online Social media outreach
*Electronic and mass media outreach
*Young Talents outreach 
*Streetz fiesta outreach
*Market and Motor Park outreach
* Medical outreach
*Small and Medium Enterprise development outreach
*Streetz human and civil rights outreach
*Streetz education outreach.
   Led by a young and committed (to the course of human resources and interpersonal development) team leader who is interpersonally enriched and prolific in various arts (acts) and fields (Hustles) that cut across Education, Sports, Entertainment and most importantly Motivational and inspirational oratory abilities, Team Streetz is a convention of young and intellectually vibrant team players who want to positively influence their world and the people in it.

*To build a formidable team of young, purpose driven and well enlightened Nigerians who have a common goal of positively impacting and influencing the lives of other struggling young Nigerians in achieving their goals and materialising their dreams.
*To enlighten and vocationally empower young Nigerians to be who they dream to be and to also create ingenious ways to better the lot of young aspiring Nigerians who are less privileged, less enlightened and less equipped to do so.
*As a Social enlightenment and empowerment organisation, we hope to help discover, build and also develop young talents in Sports, Music and other entertainment and showbiz sectors by providing the right platforms to enable this and also aide the actualization of their hidden infant dreams thereby positively projecting the Social and National image of Nigeria to the world at large.
*To create a mindset void of the fear of background, educational, environmental, religious and tribal constraints in young Nigerians who are determined to make the best out of life.
*To not just empower but to also help our numerous beneficiaries source for financial aides to help build and sustain their small and medium outfits/business through the concerned outreach.
*To be the eye that sees, the ear that listens and the voice that speaks the plight of the hopeless Nigerian youths who are silently suffering for unjust reasons and whose silent desires and cry are for Justice, Liberation and Total freedom, we (Team Streetz) hope to create an avenue to fight the course of young and innocent Nigerians lavishing away in various Nigerian and Diaspora prisons for no just course, through our Human and Civil rights outreach we hope to investigate, probe and appeal cases related to the aforementioned.
*To propagate the orientation of the importance of healthy living and an healthy environment (Home & Business) to the street(z) by (1) Supporting and endorsing health and environmental laws,by (2) Organising and financing free medical diagnosis and health enlightenment seminars and by (3) Sponsoring free medical treatments and surgery when and where necessary and compulsory.
*We hope to achieve and get all this done through cooperate and public partnership, support, participation in and sponsorship of our massive yet achievable goals and at the end be a ‘Team’ that sees, listens to and also voice the plight and cushion the pains of the common man through our many outreach and social palliative mediums.

In achieving our set goals and meeting our vision/mission, we have put in place a number of outreach(s) directed towards our numerous target audience across Nigeria and beyond its shore and border lines and under listed are some of them in details.
*Catch Them young(C-Ty) outreach: The Catch Them young outreach also known as the C-Ty outreach focuses on the not so young at heart and reaches out to them through School career shows, a Streetz Children parliament programme poised towards creating a unique forum where children of different backgrounds, schools, religion and tribes can interact and network even from their tender stage in life, giving the room for a strong platform to enlighten and build their interpersonal abilities early in life through career and brain building on the platform of interschool and interactive sessions.

*Online Social Media outreach(e.g. This outreach is an online platform that is focused on reaching out, enlightening and encouraging young and focus driven adults to get the best out of their struggles (Hustles), by writing and updating strictly streetz topics and media materials poised towards the motivation and inspiration of Nigerians who take the internet and reading as a medium to unwind daily by creating in them the awareness of what the streetz requires and entails to survive and also what Team Streetz stands for and how it operates.

*Electronic and Mass media outreach: As it is common knowledge in our current global dispensation that no Social outreach organisation is complete without electronic and mass media mediums to reach the majority who are glued to the tube, radio and newspapers/magazines all day long and we hope to capture this lot through T.V. and Radio productions focused on youth empowerment and enlightenment on air, a platform to interact, encourage and get feed backs to and from our target audience who fall in the category of the tube and radio majority.

 *Young Talents outreach: Due to the emergence of young talents in our today’s society and as a result of the affiliation of most of this young talents to the street(z), we’ve realised the importance of discovering and developing the interpersonal skills and talents of this young ones through talent hunts and various interactive sessions with other upcoming and already made acts in arts and entertainment that range from Sports, Singing, Acting, Painting & Visual arts, Oratory and other creative abilities.
    We (Team Streetz) are not only focused on the discovery and development of this lot but to also provide a platform where they can showcase what they are and to become who they want to.

Medical outreach: This special outreach is focused on (a) curbing and reducing the plague of environmental degradation and increasing the social mentality of a clean and well managed home and business environment among the hustling majority through enlightenment, orientation, sensitization and sanitization of the environment and on health conscious matters and its various effects on the environment and personal health, and (b) making free medical diagnosis available during such programmes and (c) financing the treatment or surgery of special and selected cases when necessary, all in accordance to the medical and environmental laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.

*Streetz Fiesta outreach: In respect of the importance of music and funfair in fostering national peace and unity, we have also taken it as a role upon ourselves to organise street parties navigated towards the propagation of national unity where music and funfair is the main programme of event, this events are targeted towards curbing the collective menace of hooliganism and youth unrest in our society and it is also poised towards spreading the gospel of unity among youths, streets, tribes and religions of different background and ways of life.

Open Market and Motor Park outreach:  Our numerous Streetz outreach will be incomplete without a special focus on Markets and Motor Parks as this conventional survival units boasts of many of the species of our target audience, and an outreach to this commercial locations provides a platform to reach out and interact with many youths who make their living by hustling in this commerce centres and the outreach focuses on the enlightenment, orientation and business/career empowerment through the organisation of special group talks and seminars  to foster more and better result oriented strategies in their various hustle.

Campus Orientation outreach: This outreach is specially focused on the Nigerian youths in the Ivory Towers and its major call is the orientation and enlightenment of this lot in preparation for the life ahead on campus and on the Street(z) of life, to gear them towards a better tomorrow through a purposeful today. Specially customised for fresh and old students alike, this outreach will be run and managed by students on campus on the platform of Team Streetz in Nigeria higher institutions.

  S.M.E.D outreach (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Outreach): The main focus of this outreach been the actualisation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through enlightenment, empowerment and sustenance programmes on small medium enterprise.
From enlightenment and vocational empowerment to sustainable and payable financial aides in developing small businesses in other to reduce the gross effects of unemployment among the youths and to also alleviate poverty thereby bridging the ever increasing social gap between the poor majority and rich minority in our immediate society, the team is categorically focused on the development of individual Small and Medium businesses through programmes navigated towards wealth creation and self empowerment.

Streetz Human and Civil rights outreach: This unique outreach focuses on human and civil rights in the society by taking up the course and also fast tracking the trial of any member of our target audience whose human and civil rights might have been infringed upon through the Bureau of Public Defence and other human rights and civil societies. We (Team Streetz) through this outreach will specialize on the fight against modern day oppression and slavery by e.g. Government policies, Foreign and Local business owners, the Nigerian law enforcement agents and their many civil irregularities in the discharge of their duties to the Nigerian populace, the negligence and lackadaisical attitude of law enforcement agencies and the Nigerian judiciary system in trying and delivering judgement to suspects awaiting trial for longer than required thereby subjecting many innocent Nigerians to years of undeserved prison terms and hardship, and lastly to give our voice and support to the fight against the unfair treatment and trials of young hustling Nigerians in Diaspora.
With our team of legal and human rights activists we will investigate, probe and appeal the course of any young Nigerian who find themselves subjected to any of the aforementioned cases.
Streetz Education outreach: This is a special outreach that focuses on bringing and helping to create the awareness of various products, services and their effects to the attention of our target audience (Streetz). This range from new government policies, new products and services, new brands, Social cultural and economic matters, academic/educational, technologies, change in medical, climatic and environmental issues, road traffic management issues and so on. This is done with the aim of educating the society in acceptance of the various factors that dictate their everyday life.

Conclusion: In general, we hope to build a formidable team of young, empowered and versatile Nigerian adults and future leaders and to also bring to the street(z) a strong platform that enables and aide them to be whoever and whatever they dream to become, irrespective of their educational, family, environmental or religious backgrounds through our numerous outreach’s in pursuing and achieving our set visions/missions and goals.
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