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                                             Crime of passion: Jilted man machetes ex-lover
Police detectives in Akure,Ondo State, are working tirelessly to unravel the circumstances that surrounded the death of a 4-year-old pupil of Falaye Memorial Nursery and Primary School located at Fanibi area, Elizabeth Wanogho, after her parents alleged she was sexually assaulted by one of her teachers.
However,the school authorities claimed that little Elizabeth was neither assaulted nor beaten, and accused her father of being complacent over her treatment after she fell sick.
The father of the girl,Ovie alleged that his daughter was beaten to death because she reported to him that her teacher sexually assaulted her and pleaded that justice be done by the police and the matter should not be swept under the carpet.
The 45-year- old Civil Engineer with HFP construction company in Bauchi who was transferred to Ondo State three months ago said he suspected foul play by the school proprietor and police.
*The  deceased pupil- Elizabeth
*The deceased pupil- Elizabeth
His story
Narrating his ordeal to Crime Guard, Ovie alleged that his second daughter was defiled and strangled by her teacher who is also the son of the school proprietor, Mr Kola Alade.   According to him, “One afternoon, my daughter returned from school and I overheard her telling her mother that her new uncle put his hand in her private part and touched her bum bum.   Before I could come out of my room, her mother brought her to me and she repeated it.
“I took her to the school the following day to report to the proprietor, Mr Kola Alade who summoned the teacher and Elizabeth repeated what she said at home. The teacher, Alade then said in Yoruba’ mo kan ba sere ni’ meaning 7(I was just playing with her). I then warned him seriously that such should not repeat itself again.
“The proprietor promised that such will never happen again.  My daughter returned that day to report to me that because I came to warn her uncle, he pressed her neck saying that ‘your parents are not here, I will deal with you.’ She made me know that the teacher is the proprietor’s son.  She complained of neck pains and I went to a nearby chemist and bought the prescribed drugs and administered it on her, only for her neck to swell overnight and I rushed her to the hospital that night.
“On my way, I met the school proprietor driving out. I explained my plight to him but he said my wife and I should wait for him.  We waited but he never returned before I got help from another neighbour who took us to the Military Hospital at the barracks where Elizabeth was placed on drips and antibiotics to just reduce the swollen neck but to no avail.
“All along, I was concerned with my daughter’s recovery but with all the treatment, she was not responding to treatment and each time she asked for food, she could not swallow when the food was brought to her.  It was after we spent few days at the hospital that the soldiers asked about the proprietor and I took them to the school and the proprietor claimed that he was not aware of what happened.
He also disclosed that the teacher who assaulted my daughter is his son and an undergraduate stating that he asked him to help retain the class because some of his teachers had left and he never knew it will lead to this. After this, he also  insisted that he will only produce his son if I will not be around because he was afraid of how I will react.
And the girl died.
“We were later referred to Mother and Child Hospital, Akure, where I was asked to buy blood but because I do not have money, I volunteered to donate my blood and two pints was taken from me to just save my daughter’s life.  It was then that I received a call from the police that the proprietor was negotiating the release of his son at the Police station. When I rushed to the station to know whether it was true,I received another call to rush back to the hospital.
“When I got to Mother and Child hospital I saw my daughter and she stretched her hands to me and called me, ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ As soon as I moved to her and carried her, she breathed her last.I thought it was a joke. I raised her hand, it dropped and I realized she was gone. (After this, Ovie betrayed emotions and cried like a baby.)  The doctor’s report revealed that something struck her vaginal and strangled her on the neck. She is in the mortuary now and what I want is justice.  I want fellow Nigerians to help me, I have three kids and have lost one.   She is my carbon copy, I gave her my blood to keep her but she has left me.”
School reacts
Reacting to the allegations on behalf of the school management, the Proprietor, Mr Kola Alade denied all the allegations by the father of the deceased.  He explained that Elizabeth was not assaulted as claimed by her father.  “Ovie never came to my school as claimed, it was the mother of the deceased that came to the school with her children to complain and I summoned my Head mistress and the teacher, Adebayo who in turn denied that anything of such happened.
“When the girl was in the hospital, I told my Headmistress to go and visit her and we even advised the father to take the child to Mother and Child hospital but he preferred that his child be taken to the Military Hospital. Her father was complacent on the treatment of his child which resulted to the death of the girl, he was reluctant all along as he did not respond when he was called to donate blood for his daughter which was late before he eventually did.
“Her father simply wants to tarnish the image of my school as all he claimed are untrue. We have urged him to go and let an autopsy be carried out on the girl but he has been avoiding that because when we know the cause of death, we will be able to know what really happened to the girl.” In her reaction, the Headmistress, Tinuola Ajimajasan said Elizabeth was not beaten or assaulted as claimed, and the school was not aware that she was sick as the little girl in question is in Kindergarten class.
In his reaction, Ondo State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) ASP, Wole Ogodo said the suspect, Mr Adebayo Alade has been apprehended and is presently in detention at the  State Criminal Investigations Department,SCID, Akure.   Ogodo said the post mortem  will reveal the cause of death.  “We will need an expert to do the autopsy on the deceased as the police cannot rely on any hospital to come to conclusion.”  He therefore pleaded for patience on the part of all concerned.
- See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2013/11/death-4-yr-old-pupil-causes-furor-ondo/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.3     Crime of passion: Jilted man machetese ex-lover

Opeyemi was hell bent on marrying Francis, her beau, even against the wishes of her parents. Suddenly, she made a U-turn. Why and what are the consequences?
But for the timely intervention of passersby, a female teacher would have lost her life in the hands of her ex-fiancé.
The female teacher, simply identified as Miss Opeyemi, is a Grade II Teaching Certificate holder and teaches Social Studies at a community school in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. Opeyemi is a native of Olomu village in the state, but reportedly resides at Papalanto, in Ewekoro Local Government Area of the state, while the ex-fiancé, identified as Francis, works in Cotonou, Benin Republic.
It was reported that both lovers were raised in the same community in Abeokuta before they eventually met and started a love affair about 10 years back. It was reported that Francis and Opeyemi had been lovers for over a decade now until their relationship turned sour towards the end of last year.
However, the man almost took the life of his long-term lover recently when she finally broke the news to him that she was no longer going ahead with their union scheduled to be solemnized early next year. It was reported that when their relationship started, Opeyemi’s family resented the idea of her getting married to Francis on the suspicion of what a source described impotency in the man.
But when Opeyemi insisted that she was ready to spend the rest of her life with Francis, it was reported that the lady’s family insisted that she conceive first before they give their blessing to the union. That did not happen for many years until last year when Francis chose to seek greener pastures in the neighbouring country.
That was early 2012. It was reported that anytime Opeyemi wanted to visit Francis in Cotonou, the man would object to the idea claiming that his abode in the foreign land was not conducive for a woman to stay. It was further reported that all the period that Francis lived in Sango- Ota before he left the country for Cotonou, he would not allow Opeyemi pass the night with him. But the lady’s family still reportedly expressed their worry over their daughter’s insistence on marrying the Ibadan-born Francis. It was reported that Opeyemi started growing increasingly uncomfortable with Francis’ attitude and she stopped picking his calls at a stage.
Before long, she started seeing another man and all calls from Francis were ignored. It was reported that all efforts by Francis to have his woman back grew increasing weaker as she was always with her new lover every weekend, unknown to Francis. However, sometime in August 2013, Francis made an unannounced appearance at Opeyemi’s work place and confronted her with her strange attitude.
She was said to have told Francis that she was fed up with the relationship and informed him that she was already seeing another man. Apparently, Francis took the lady’s warning with a pinch of salt and went back to his base.
But on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Francis was, once again at Opeyemi’s school but was told that her new fiancé had taken her out for lunch. Francis reportedly traced his estranged fiancée to a restaurant along Iro Road, at Papalanto and met her inside the man’s car right in front of the restaurant.
Francis did not initially react to the scene but watched as the man dropped her off at the bus stop apparently to resume at his own office said to be at Ewekoro area of the state. Eyewitnesses said that while Opeyemi was waiting to catch a commercial motorcycle to the bus stop enroute her office, she was shocked to see Francis emerging from another canteen opposite the one she had just left. Ismail Ali is a cement moulder who witnessed the gory scene that occurred afterwards.
According to Ali, “The man had been staying in the canteen for several minutes waiting for the woman to come out. As she stepped out, he also got up from his seat and ran out of the canteen yelling the woman’s name. When she stopped, he approached her and slapped her about three times and raining abuses on her.
The lady also grabbed her shirt and tore it into shreds. That was the point that some people started moving towards them to know what was actually amiss.” It was reported that when passersby approached the fighting lovers, Opeyemi informed them that Francis was trying to swindle her thus denying any amorous relationship ever existed between them. A steward in one of the restaurants around, but who declined to give his name, told Saturday Mirror on telephone that Francis became enraged when he was almost being threatened to be beaten up by sympathisers who heard that he wanted to swindle the lady.
“When the man started beating her, she shouted for help and those who got there early claimed she informed them that she had known the man before but that he only wanted to swindle her.
That was what made some of the men to rough handle him, but when he broke loose from them, he ran into an auto mechanic workshop close by and came out with a cutlass, when he used freely on the lady.” While some sympathisers tried to rescue Opeyemi from the man who planned to make mince meat of her, some men reportedly confronted him in a fight.
In the end, another man also reportedly received a machete cut from him while he was also given the beating of his life. Both ex-lovers were later whisked away to an unknown hospital for treatment. Efforts to get both of them to speak on the matter were futile as their phones were reportedly misplaced during the brawl.

                                                      An Hustlers State Of Mind....1

Hustling through the year 2012 was a mixture of experience for me, there were moments when the days hustle looks bright and promising and there were other days when reverse was the case, but this was not to say it wasn’t a fulfilling year all the same, looking back in retrospect now, I think the year was one of the most challenging, tasking and rewarding (for those who kept the Hustle going all the way) years I’ve gone through in my almost three decades of existence and I got to learn how my mind and that of so many other grand hustlers work in relation to getting the best outta everyday’s hustle. This been my first official blog in the new year (2013) I feel it is imperative to review the past years hustle and to also usher in the new year’s hustle with emphasizing analyses of what to expect in relation to how last year played out in accordance to the State of Mind of every individual hustler.
First off, I’ll love to start out by stating some of the most random thoughts that marked my hustle through the years past and the most recently past year. Most noteworthy and the number one motivating force towards any hustle I consider Bonafide (legitimate) enough to take on is none other than the number one enemy of the hustler code named “Owhu” (Persimony) the unofficial half brother of “Owo” (Money), this enemy of the Streetz which is avoided  like a plague by every hustler is the social menace which leads the majority on a societal “Rat Racein a bid to escape its deep seething fangs far away enough to be in the comfort Zone of life, as only a Blow from Owhu is capable of sending even the strongest down the unpleasant lane of Hunger, Lack and Want, not to mention how it can also turn a rich nigga to a Broke ass in a twinkle of an eye and take even the most Sanctimonious through the gates of hell. Having said this, it is important to note that thou this menace is far from being friendly but it appears to be the undisputed official Chief Whip of the Streetz man or woman as it not only keeps everyone in check and on their feet but also brings to the mind and consciousness of the hustler the uncertainties everyday’s hustle beholds and it is imperative to note that this consciousness is the drive to Success for any hustler and even the Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote’s of the world know this fact hence their unrelenting vigor to successfully navigate the Streetz and gather as much wealth they can when they can, it is therefore theoretical to State that “The Fear Of Owhu Is The Beginning Of ‘Creative and Skillful’ Hard Work” for any Grand Hustler who believes in the Success and Survival factor.
In other to effectively or partially navigate the Streetz away from the far reaching tentacles of Owhu, the mind of the hustler must always be conscious of the importance of Hard Work, Determination, Skill Acquisition and Empowerment, Creative thinking and Opportunities to boot Skills and Creativity. In other words, life can be a lot more easier when an hustler not only take note of the following factors but also take gallant strides in their directions because they all work hand in hand towards the same goal. It is noteworthy that Hard Work is a product of Determination and also Skill acquisition leads to Creative thinking and solution to problems, and it further prepares an hustler for the defined opportunities that are related to his/her acquired Skills because they say "When Opportunity Meets Preparedness, Success is Inevitable", also note that Hard Work without Creative thinking might as well be a waste of precious time spent beating about the Streetz without much to show for it.
Although it is partially impossible to meet the whole of Man’s needs, because according to Adam Maslow’s theory of needs, a man keeps working towards meeting one need or the other in the bid to achieve Self Actualization which is said to be the ultimate goal of the daily struggle for survival, and even at the end another need is always waiting to be met, so what really matters is not being able meet all our needs as hustlers but the feeling of Self Actualization that comes with every milestone covered and every need met through our struggles which further boost’s our Ego and Self Esteem and relatively prepares us for the next challenge to be overcome or the next milestone and need to be covered and met respectively. It is on this note that I seek to drop my Golden Pen of Creative thoughts to enable me seek reasoning from the great beyond and also bring you more from my scroll of divine thoughts, but just before I alight at my creative Bus-stop, it is worthy to note that the mind of the hustler is a factory of Survival Instincts and unlike the animals in the wild, the Streetz is His/her own survival Jungle, therefore every born hustler should agree with me that beating Owhu at its game is a game for the physically and mentally fit and it only takes a sound mind to make something out of a sound hustle, so among other things a hustler must realize the essence of a sound health which in return guarantees a sound mind and a productive hustle which is suffice to say that your health is your wealth, so stay safe, keep yourself clean and make sure you protect yourself from trouble (even in bed) now and always in other to keep your Hustling State Of Mind  in an healthy and non disillusioned status…..See ya…Catch ya on the Streetz
NB: Any advice without action to pursue is a mere ranting of the adviser, so to make a meaningful impact outta ur hustle in 2013, take note of the following facts and follow suit respectively because 2013 is the year of the Streetz gbabe, pursue the right directions this year to reach the right destinations….aiit?....God bless our Bonafide Hustles.

   Back 2 Bolla

Today unlike yesterday gives me course to worry about tomorrow, looking right into a future that has long become invisible I feel lost and I need someone to find me before this Lagos hustle takes away my last shred of hope to make it to the fast lane even at my prime, if my chance to be the independent man that I’ve always dreamed of becoming will not materialize here then I might as well take my leave before the ovation dies down in this arena of the fittest gladiators in the fight for survival, because Lagos they say is no man’s land and only those who can fight to finish can withstand and survive the heat and pressure of living in Las-gidi, from the hustle and bustle that have become the trade mark of the Streetz, to the high cost of living, feeding and most importantly surviving the hardship of been a Lagosian.
For me, the Las-gidi experience has been frustrating and the already hostile atmosphere of survival is becoming more difficult to cope with as I’ve jumped from one hustle to the other over the months, and now I have to move on again just barely after 3 months of hustling as an Okada (Motorbike) man.
My name is Bala Mohamed, and I’m one of the over one million hustling okada riders from the northern part of the country who believe in the Lagos dream of making a better living for me and my family who are expectantly waiting for me to return home with all the Lagos goodies.
I left home in search for greener pastures 2 years ago after my father Alhaji Ibrahim Mohamed passed on to the great beyond, after which i decided to take to my bossom friend Ali's advise to join the ever growing band wagon of migrants from up north to the ever boustrous city of Lagos where every hustler hopes to live and achieve their dreams of living a better life. Like every migrating northerner i came to Lagos stashed up with bags of Onions and Kolanut on the back of a 911 truck van along side other migrating northerners with whom i shared the top elevation space on the merchandise been transported. I got to Lagos and decided to put up with my paddy Ali (friend Ali), as i know no one else or anywhere for that matter in Lagos. After one week of settling down and familiarising myself with the Mile 12 area where Ali lives in a shanty popularly known as Bolla (aboki settlement) and makes his daily living, i decided to take on my hustle and give my survival the best shot with the hope of doing better than my friend or any one else who was here before me but little did i know that the Streetz of Lagos is neither paved with gold nor does it have trees that germinate money on its Streetz, i started out as a truck pusher, collecting dirts from market women and the likes and dumping them off in canals, rivers and any available space for that matter. For more than six months i kept on to my hustle with the enthusiasm that somewhere along the line my luck would shine and almighty Allah will smile back at my hustle and make my struggles worth its wile and true to my expectations in my seventh month on the Streetz, i got lucky and won myself a fair amount of money through the popular Baba Ijebu lotto which i played with a little shandy (change), i decided to put my money where it would fetch me more especially now that the Lagos state government is taking truck pushers off the Streetz and replacing them with PSP trucks to move dirts off the Streetz. Without  much hesitation i took my money and put it where i would get a money back other, just like any other Aboki like myself i went into aluminium bussiness and put a reasonable amount into buying used aluminium materials and reselling them to merchants from the popular Owode aluminium market ......to be continued.
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